Disney plus not working on ps4

Disney plus not working on ps4. Disney Plus is a famous video streaming service for enjoying plenty of films and tv shows. Sometimes it may be frustrating to see Disney plus might not work on PS4 home video game consoles.

Disney plus performs service on  PS4 but sometimes does not work due to connection or configuration problems. The main reason Disney Plus is not working on ps4 is that the platform has a link down in your area due to regular maintenance.

The other main reason is the internet connection is down in the area. So inspect your connection and restart the router. Generally, Disney Plus errors occur by issues with the servers, or sometimes the app on your device has basic problems.

However, checking the quality of your internet connection is very important because it can also influence the Disney plus performance on ps4.

Keep reading this article because I will guide various troubleshooting tips if Disney Plus is not working on your PS4.

Disney plus not working on ps4

You can enjoy different shows and Disney movies on Disney plus because it is a new streaming service, but if Disney plus stops working on your ps4, then the first thing to inspect is Disney plus servers.

A low internet connection is also one of the main reasons to reset your internet connection to solve the problem. Let’s read all the methods in detail to troubleshoot the issue.

Inspect Disney plus servers

inspect disney plus servers

If the Disney Plus app not working on your ps4, first of all, check the current server status. Since this platform is online, it demands its servers convey different services and features.

You can use down detectors for this purpose because it provides information about the latest status of Disney Plus.
If the servers are down in your area, then you can not do anything but wait for Disney to solve the issue. But, still, you can try the following options to sort out the problem.

Reset your internet connection

reset your internet connection

It is frustrating to see your Disney Plus app stuck on ps4 loading screen. You can easily fix this trouble is to resetting your internet connection from the internet router.

If you have been using the Disney app for a while, then you must know this app needs a minimum of 5 Mbps to work properly.

If your internet speed is slow, reset your internet connection. It may be time to increase your internet pkg plan.

  • You can reset your internet connection in this way.
  • Press the modem power button and pull out the power cord for one minute.
  • Replug your wifi router and press the power switch on your internet modem.
  • When your router is on again, do a speed test by downloading something from any app.
  • It must download at an average speed.
  • Now, open the Disney Plus app on your PS4 and see where it is streaming the show or movie fastly, or still it is not working.

Restart your ps4 console

restart your ps4 console

If there is no issue with the internet connection because wifi signals are working smoothly on the other devices, then it may be an issue with your PS4 device.

Sometimes an error occurs to ps4 operating system due to electric glitches due to not properly opening the Disney Plus app on ps4 properly. In this situation, simply restarting your ps4 console can fix the problem.

Update Disney Plus

update disney plus

It is important to keep updating all the apps on smartphones and laptops; similarly, updating the new software version of Disney Plus on your ps4 because sometimes the app stops working due to an update.

You can follow these steps to update the new software version of Disney Plus on your PS4 console.

  • First of all, open the ps4 main screen.
  • Search the Disney Plus app on the screen.
  • Now, use your controller to select the Disney Plus app
  •  Press the Options button.
  • Now, select Check for Update from the menu.
  •  Press the X or O button to operate the controller.
  • Install the latest firmare of Disney Plus.

Contact Disney plus Help Center

If still Disney plus not working on your PS4 after all the tips mentioned above, the last option is to visit the customer help center for further assistance.


The conclusion of the article is I am hopeful after reading this informative blog post, you can fix all issues like internet connection problems, wrong settings, and outdated date Disney plus software if Disney plus not working on your PS4. You can also contact us for assistance.