Hardwired ring doorbell not charging

Hardwired ring doorbell not charging. The Internet has changed people’s lives because it facilitates different features. You can connect various devices with the help of the Internet to make your life easy.

Ring devices are invented with the advancement in time to facilitate the people.

Hardwired ring doorbells are the latest doorbells that are popular among people because there are a lot of features installed in these bells.

You can download the ring app on mobile and make ring doorbell contacts with the mobile.

The best feature about the ring video doorbell is that a camera is installed in the original ring video doorbell.

You can easily watch who is knocking at the door on your smartphone or screen because ring devices have high camera quality.

Usually, no issues happen with hardwired ring doorbells after the proper installation. Still, the only major problem with these rings is they stop charging accurately.

This minor problem occurs after some years of the ring not charging.

The most common reason for this issue is the ring battery, or it has some power supply issues that have stopped charging efficiently.

If you are here, it means your wired ring doorbell is also not charging, and the ring video doorbell should be repaired because if you ignore this, it can become security trouble for you.

So keep reading this page to get information about different troubleshooting methods.

Hardwired ring doorbell not charging

A hardwired doorbell is the latest ring device installed on the door. You can easily connect them to different smartphones at a time with the help of the internet.

If your doorbell is not charging correctly, the first thing to check if you want to fix ring doorbell hardwired is the wires because loose doorbell wires are the leading cause of this issue.

A ring doorbell requires proper voltage to charge, and if there is an increase or decrease in the voltage supplied, it is not suitable for the hardwired ring doorbell.

Restart the doorbell

restart the doorbell

First, if you check that the ring doorbell has a low battery and is not ringing due to not charging, then restart the doorbell.

It is a simple way to check device health because sometimes this device starts charging after restarting.

It does not take a long time to restart a hardwired ring doorbell because it takes only one minute to restart the device.

There are two ways to restart the device. The first way is to restart the device from a cellphone easily.

But if there is an internet issue or any other reason, you can also restart it manually.

If you are going for the manual option, it’s suggested that you turn off the ring for ten minutes and then press the power button to switch on the device.

Doorbell is not plugged in correctly

doorbell is not plugged in correctly

If you have connected the doorbell with the power supply, it’s essential to plug the charger properly into the wall socket.

Sometimes when you are in a hurry, you do not fix the charger tightly because the current does not flow from the socket to the device.

Check the wall socket

If you have tightly fixed the charger, it may be a voltage problem with the wall socket, which has no electric current.

Loose wires

loose wires

Loose wires are the primary reason why the ring doorbell is not charging. The ring is hardwired in two ways.

The first way is to directly link the doorbell to the home’s electric power supply; the other way is to install the battery in the ring if you do not want to attach the device wires to the power supply.

If you have the electrical skills, open the doorbell’s back cover and check for the loose wire connections.

But, if you do not know about the electrical wires, do not open the doorbell back cover because many wires are fixed inside the ring doorbell, and it is suitable to hire an electrician to fix the two wires connections.

Check the tangled or twisted wires inside the ring charging circuit or maybe broken wires in the doorbell.

Fix the loose wires and press the ring after half an hour to see whether it has started charging.

Ring doorbell not ringing inside

External temperature range

external temperature range

External temperature matters a lot in the drainage of ring doorbell. Suppose extreme weather is outside, like a sweltering summer or cold winter.

In that case, the charging of the device battery drains quickly because the extreme temperature is not suitable for the transformer.

The device battery will not drain quickly if there is an average temperature range outside. Instead, it will take average time.

So, keep an eye on the external temperature and cover the new doorbell transformer if you see the Hardwired ring doorbell not charging.

Hardwired ring doorbell battery is damaged

hardwired ring doorbell battery is damaged

If you have the removable battery and the device is not charging, it may be an issue with its battery so keep the rechargeable battery pack in the home

If the battery life or battery percentage drains quickly, the battery is damaged, and you need to change the new replacement battery.

Open both the screws of the doorbell from the back cover and replace the old battery with a new battery.

Power supply issues

If you have connected the doorbell wires with the power supply in the home and it is not charging, check the main circuit box because it may be a power disruption issue.

Open the main circuit box and check the circuit breaker of the ring doorbell because sometimes you don’t know the breaker of doorbell wires is tripped, and you waste your time seeing other minor problems.

So, if the breaker is tripped, change its position so that the doorbell of hardwired starts to charge again.

If the circuit breaker is not tripped and the Hardwired ring doorbell is not charging, it may be an issue with the electric wires.

You can not repair the damaged electric wires because they have loose connections, so call a local electrician to repair the damaged electric wires.

Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging

Decrease the amount of live view

decrease the amount of live view

If you have installed the live view feature in the hardwired doorbell and continuously watch the outside view of the home, the battery life drains quickly and does not charge properly.

So, decrease the amount of live view and switch off the night vision feature so that the doorbell battery takes the proper time to full charge.

Faulty charging cable

faulty charging cable

If you charge the ring device battery with a charging cable and it creates an issue like it is not charging the battery, check your USB cable because it is damaged.

It is simple to check whether the USB cable is functioning or not by charging some other electrical device with the help of it.

If the charging cable charges the other electrical device, it means it is functioning, and the ring doorbell has some other issue.

But, if the ring doorbell does not charge another device, it means the charging cable is defective, and you need to change it.

Switch off the extra features

A hardwired ring doorbell is a beautiful device for security purposes; therefore, many features are installed that can be managed with the help of a smartphone app.

If you check that the doorbell battery drains quickly and takes a lot of time to charge, it’s better to switch off the extra features in the ring doorbell that you do not use.

You can quickly turn off the extra features from the mobile app in less than one minute.

You will see an apparent change in the battery percentage of the doorbell after switching off the useless features.

Ring doorbell flashing white

Slow wi-fi signal strength

slow wi fi signal strength

Slow wi-fi connection is also one of the main reasons for the doorbell not charging.

If the wifi networks get slow, the battery status of the doorbell does not update from the settings menu on the mobile, so check the wifi signal strength to the router.

If the wifi signals become slow, then the ring doorbell continuously searches the signals, due to which the battery drains quickly.

It would help if you placed the internet router at that place where all the devices can easily catch the wifi signal, and there should be no issue with the weak wi-fi network.

Ring doorbell is damged

Sometimes, if your doorbell is too old, power kit wires and harsh weather can break the doorbell.

So if there is physical damage to the device, you have only the option to replace the doorbell.

Ring camera not working

Contact with service center

If you have purchased the doorbell recently and don’t want to replace it, your last option is to contact the service center and check your device with a skillful expert or local electrician to repair the damaged ring doorbell.


The final words in this article are that if you have installed a hardwired ring doorbell for security purposes and it is not charging, don’t frustrate because there are a few reasons behind the same problem.

First, check the extreme weather outside because cold weather conditions are not suitable for the hardwired doorbells. Next, switch off the extra feature and night vision view.

All the possible causes of hardwired ring doorbell not charging are described in detail for you in this article, so you can read them and troubleshoot your ring doorbell hardwired problem.

If still you aren’t able to fix the problem and the warranty card of the device is present, you can send back the ring doorbell to the company and get a replacement.