Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging

Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging. Ring doorbells are the latest technology units to check who is at the gate because built-in cameras are installed to look after the inner side and outer sides of the home.

These doorbells are very popular because you can easily install them and record videos of the surroundings to protect your home.

If the blue light is flashing , then it usually means the device is charging.

However, if the device’s battery is full, and the blue light is still flashing, then it’s a serious issue because you need to know what’s going wrong with the doorbell.

Blue light flashes  in different patterns to inform you of the different states of the unit.

Each pattern has its own meaning, so if you are a new Ring Doorbell user, then you should learn the meaning of different blue light patterns to understand what message the ring doorbell wants to convey.

Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging

Nowadays, Ring doorbells are equipped with cameras and other features to protect your homes.

There is blue circular light that is installed in the front of the doorbell to indicate to the user about the different situations.

Blue light usually flashes on the unit when the device is charging, but if you are sure enough that the device is fully charged, then what’s the reason behind flashing blue when charging? So keep reading the full post to know about this.

Different ways of blue light flashing

different ways of blue light flashing 2022

Blue lights flash in a different pattern to inform you of different messages and situations, the blue light spinning, moving upwards, flashing on and off, etc. There are different meanings for each pattern, so keep reading.

Informing an alert

Blue lights usually turn on the ring doorbell if the battery is fully charged, then it informs you about some software issue because the latest doorbells have built-in software and cameras to record videos and pictures.

So, check the ring doorbell button and ring app on your smartphone to test off the alerts and remove the blue light flashing.

Restart your doorbell

restart your doorbell

The common troubleshooting tip to resolve issues with any smart device is restarting the unit. Smart devices often start minor troubles due to software glitches and bugs.

So, your first step is always to restart the doorbell if the blue light flashes on the device during charging.

Although it depends on the flash pattern, you must restart the device’s software. Ring doorbell live view not working

Resetting the doorbell

If the blue light flashes on the ring doorbell when it is charging, then reset all the settings on the device. You need to reset all the settings on the ring doorbell.

You can also use other features and configuration settings to remove the blue light flashing on the unit.

Check internet connection

check internet connection

Some are usually connected to USB cables to charge. In contrast, some devices are charged with removable batteries to power.

So if your device is charging with a USB cable, then ensure you have a strong internet connection to update the battery status because the blue light automatically turns off after the internet update.

The are connected to an internet connection to store the video clips, display charging, and perform different features.

Suppose the battery is fully charged or has taken a long time while charging, but the blue light is still flashing on the unit.

In that case, it means the doorbell is not currently connected to the internet connection due to low wifi signals or too many devices connected with one router, due to which the ring doorbell is not able to update the unit after being fully charged.

So, check you’re internet speed on the router and minimize the load on the router to reconnect the Ring doorbell with an internet connection.

If the device is fully charged, and connected to the internet, then the blue light will be removed from the doorbell.

Faulty battery

faulty battery

If your battery is on charge for a long time but still the blue light flashes, then you need to check your ring doorbell because there are chances that it is faulty, which is why it takes so much time to charge.

Replace the faulty battery in the ring doorbell and insert a new quality battery inside the unit to turn it on.

Poor electric wiring

If it is connected to the electric wires in the home to charge and function, so if the device is not performing well and the ring doorbell flashes blue when charging, then it means there is poor electric wiring and wire connection in the home that does not clear the way for charging.


The last words in this article are blue light flashes on the ring doorbell when it is charging, so you must have information about the different blue light patterns to learn the meanings of each pattern.

If the blue light keeps flashing after the full recharge, then recheck your device battery, home wiring, and internet connection because there is something wrong with the device. I hope this post helped you to resolve your issue. Here is Guide about Ring doorbell without subscription