Ring doorbell flashing white

Ring doorbell flashing white. It’s very good to install a ring doorbell on your home gate because a built-in camera is also installed in the unit to see who is at the door. You can also communicate with the stranger through your ring app.

Usually, ring doorbell is a reliable brand, and people prefer it mostly, but it is not exceptional from any issue.

The good thing about ringing the doorbell is that it flashes different color lights to make it easy for you to diagnose the problem with easily.

Suppose you are wondering why your ring doorbell is flashing white.

In that case, your problem is almost solved because after reading this complete guide. I am sure you will be able to quickly fix the issue without concerning any professional.

Two main causes of the white light flashing on the ring doorbell exist. The first cause is the device batteries are weak, and it is about to end, while the second main cause is the ring doorbell has a weak connection to the internet service.

Ring doorbell flashing white

It’s worrying to see if your ring doorbell app is not giving you the latest updates, and when you inspect the ring doorbell, it is flashing white then there are two reasons for this problem.

The first reason why the white light starts flashing is low battery power.

The second major cause is a weak internet connection to the device, which stops the bell from sending the latest updates to the ring app on your smartphone.

Let us discuss all possible solutions to overcome this problem and bring it back to working conditions.

Low voltage

low voltage

There are two ways to run the ring doorbell first, to connect with a wire connection in the home or install the batteries in the unit to give power to the unit.

The minimum power required for the ring doorbell to function properly is 16VAC.

If the power decreases from this due to a power surge or low power in the circuit, then white light starts flashing on the unit to inform the user that there is insufficient power in the unit.

Open the main circuit box and check the voltage reading. If it is low, then you can only wait for the increase in the voltage from the transformer.

If there is no power issue with the other electrical appliances in the home, then recheck the wire connection and hire a professional to check the wiring.

Low battery power

Some people prefer to install removable batteries in the ring doorbell to avoid wired issues. However, the approximate life of batteries is six to eight months, but it also depends upon the usage.

If your ring doorbell is used more in daily life, then the battery’s power will remove quickly, and the unit will start flashing light to inform you in advance that the device is running out of battery.

It is suggested that you do not insert rechargeable batteries because these batteries minimize the performance and efficiency of the units.

Weak wifi connection

weak wifi connection

Ring doorbells are connected to an internet connection to show the live view outside the home on the smartphone through the ring app.

Suppose the internet connection between the doorbell and internet router or smartphone and router becomes weak.

In that case, the ring doorbell will not be able to send the latest updates and will start flashing white to tell you that fix the internet connectivity issue.

If its loses internet connection due to several reasons. First, you have to place the internet modem in such a place in the home where all the smart devices can easily access the internet modem for wifi signals.

If your home is large, you can install another home router to ensure fast and stable internet connectivity to all the devices.

If there is no internet status on the router, then check the device wire because it seems like its wire is not connected properly to the wall outlet.

If you can’t understand the issue yet and want help, please contact your local internet service provider to discover more about your internet device.

Change in wifi password

Ring doorbell starts flashing white light when it loses internet connection to the internet modem due to a change in wifi password.

Once, it happened to me that when I came back home after one week, then I saw white light flashing. I was surprised to see it because I recently changed the device’s batteries.

When I tried to connect my smartphone to the network then, it was also not connecting. Ring doorbell live view not working

Then I learned that the internet router password was changed by someone in the home, due to which ring doorbell flashed white light, and a smartphone was also not connecting.

When I entered the new password on the smartphone, the ring app started working again and gave me the latest updates and an outside view of the home.

Restart the router and ring doorbell

restart the router and ring doorbell

Usually, internet routers are reliable devices, but you can’t say about laptops and computers that they do not have issues.

So, if it is flashing white, then restart the device and router to clear some bugs and glitches.

Restarting the internet modem refreshes all the smart devices and clears the IP problems that stop the smart devices from working efficiently.

Similarly, restart the ring doorbell by pressing the Setup button for 15 seconds. It will take some time to restart, but it refreshes the device.

If the white light flashing  vanished after restarting the device, then your issue is fixed. Ring doorbell without subscription

However, if the white light is still flashing on the ring doorbell after all the troubleshooting tips, then contact the Ring customer center for more help.


The bottom line is Ring doorbell is a reliable smart device for security in the home, but if you see the white light flashing on the unit, then check the wifi connection status in the ring app and battery power to remove the flashing light. Ring doorbell flashing blue when charging