Ring camera not working

Ring camera not working. Ring cameras are the latest devices and are popular with people to protect their homes. These cameras are installed at different places in homes and offices for a live view or a recorded video on a smartphone or computer through the Ring app.

Ring cameras are connected to an internet connection for live view from the inner side and outer sides of the home.

However, if you are unable to see the view or video clips on your smart device, then it means there is an issue with the Ring camera, smartphone, or internet router.

The ring camera stops working due to dead batteries, full storage, faulty camera, outdated firmware, and poor internet connection. So, Dont worry, all smart devices malfunction at any stage of life span.

Read this full directory to know what to do if the ring camera is not working.

Ring camera not working

Ring cameras are the best security devices to install in the home to secure your home from unknown people. There are multiple reasons behind the issue when you see the ring camera is not working.

When you see you are not receiving live view on your smartphone, then, first of all, check the internet speed because a weak internet signal is the first reason when the camera stop working.

If the internet connection is fast, then check the device voltage, battery, camera, and wiring to confirm which thing is creating an actual issue.

Check internet connection

check internet connection

Ring camera needs a fast internet connection to capture video clips and live views from outside as well as the inner side of the home.

But, if the smartphone is not receiving live view from the ring camera, it could be two issues: a weak internet connection between your smartphone and the internet router or no internet connection between your Ring camera and your internet router.

Firstly, test the internet speed of the internet router because you need to have a fast network speed to connect different smart devices like Ring camera and smartphone to the router.

If the WiFi signal speed is slow, then power cycle your network router, disconnect extra devices from one router, or increase the internet speed from 2GHz to 5GHz.

Move the WiFi router

The performance of Ring cameras depends upon the WiFi signal speed, so it’s very important to place the router close to the Ring camera device for fast signal speed.

The maximum reach of the router signal is approximately 200 feet, so if you live in a big home or you have installed the Ring camera in the office, and there is a weak or no WiFi signal issue, then change the router place to increase the signal strength.

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Faulty Battery

If the ring camera is not switching on, then check the batteries because it could be possible that the device has dead batteries or there is not enough power in the batteries to turn on the camera.

If you see the device only turns on when you connect it with a cable and automatically turns off when you remove the USB power, then it means the device battery is faulty, due to which it is not charging.

The charging cable is faulty

the charging cable is faulty

When you connect the USB cable to the camera to charge the battery, make sure that the charging light turns on the device to inform you that the battery is charging.

If the charging light is not turning on, then it means the battery is not receiving any power.

In this situation, you can change the charging cable and try to charge the device with another USB cable. If the charging light turns on from the new cable means teh previous cable is faulty. How to reconnect ring to wifi

Faulty camera

If there is no issue with the internet connection and the router is placed close to the camera, and you are still not receiving live view or video clips on your smartphone, then there is a chance the camera itself is faulty. You have only the option to replace the camera on the device.

No sound

If the speaker is not answering and you are unable to listen to any sound from the Ring camera, then make sure the Ring camera and app authorize the audio.

If still, no sound is coming from the camera, then it’s better to replace the speaker in the device. It’s suggested to you don’t try to change the speaker by yourself because it’s a technical step, and a slight error can damage the device.

Update Ring app

update ring app

Sometimes, there is no issue with the camera, but you have a pending app update on your smartphone.

Keeping updating the ring app is vital for downloading the latest features in the Ring camera, and if you ignore the app updates, then the device might stop working.

It’s simple to update the app because you just need to go to the google play store on your smartphone and click the pending updates.

Poor connection between smartphone and router

Another possible reason for no video clips receiving on the phone from the camera is a poor internet connection between the internet router and your smartphone.

If you want to get a live view on your smartphone regularly, then you have to stay within the 200 feet distance from the router to receive WIFI signals.

If the signal strength on your device or mobile phone is low, then no picture or video clip will come on your smartphone.

No device storage

If your camera suddenly stops sending live views and video clips, then it might be short storage in the device, and there is no more storage in the device to store video clips.

So, it’s better to keep clearing the old storage in the device to free the space for new video clips and live views.


The last thoughts on this informative article are if your ring camera is not working, then don’t be frustrate and immediately call the professional to check your device.

Sometimes, there is a minor issue with your device, and you can also troubleshoot your device with a deeper look. I am sure this directory has surely helped you to fix your ring camera.

However, if your ring camera is still not working, then immediately contact a professional to look at the device. Ring doorbell without subscription