Hanging heavy pictures without nails

Hanging heavy pictures without nails. Say bye to your hammer and nails. There is no need to damage the walls for hanging heavy pictures or mirrors.

Now the question arises how?

Let’s have a view of these practical everyday hacks and methods.

Hanging heavy pictures without nails

Let’s get started

Hanging Strips

  • These are good gadgets to hang pictures of all shapes, sizes, and weights without marking, damaging, or deforming the walls.
  • These strips get attached and maintain strong bonding to any surface wall.
  • The most common brands include VELCRO® Brand HANGables®
  • Surfaces like painted walls, plastic, metal, tile, and sticker are favorable to these hanging strips.
  • These strips bear a weight of16lbs per pack.
  • Take four hangers and attach one half to all for corners of the picture frame and the other half to the wall.
  • Remember to place them at the exact position on the wall following the frame.
  • Press it for 5 seconds, and after that, rub for 30 seconds.
  • After rubbing, the frame will adhere to the wall.
  • Increase the rubbing time to secure the adhesion of the frame to the wall.

Washi Tape

  • If you are looking for a cost-effective way to hang your pictures without nails, washi tapes will help you out.
  • Place it at the corners of the frame and place it on the wall. Hold for a couple of minutes to secure it to the wall.

Command Stripshanging strips 

  • These strips can support weight up to 7.5 pounds.
  • Large canvas paintings, frames, mirrors can be secured on walls by the use of command strips.
  • One of the best processes is to hang a canvas painting without nails.
  • All you need is to take the command strips.
  • Connect them to the bottom of each strip.
  • A snap-like sound occurs when the strips are ready to be used. The functionality of the command strips depends on this sound.
  • Add command strips to the corners of the canvas and place them on the wall.
  • Hold it for some time until fully attached.

Adhesive hooksadhesive hooks

Hanging pictures on a concrete wall seems impossible without nails. But wait, adhesive hooks are here to solve the query.

They are availing themselves of hanging heavy pictures even on concrete walls. All you need is to follow the simple steps given below.

  • Prepare the wall by cleaning it with alcohol.
  • Water and detergent are alternates to alcohol
  • Take a suitable cloth and add alcohol to it.
  • Rub it against the wall to make it clean.
  • Make exact points on the wall to place the hooks.
  • Once the hooks are attached, peel off the outer layer.
  • Take the frame and place it on the hook.
  • Press it for 30 seconds.
  • After that, Rub it and hold it for some while until it gets fully secured.

Wait for 60 minutes till the frame completely adheres to the wall.

If the frame falls off, repeat the whole process with a fresh set of command hooks.

You then need to follow each step more precisely.

Take Up Space on Bookshelves

  • You can display the frames even on your books shelves.
  • Remove necessary books and make space for your favorite frames without even damaging the walls.

Hook-And-Loop Tapes

  • These tapes are also called VELCRO.
  • Provides the perfect solution to switch picture positions from time to time.
  • Not just frames and pictures, Velcro is used for hanging fabric, window treatments, and plaques on the walls.

Other Agents

  • You can also use other items like sticky putty, masking, double-stick, and packing tapes.
  • They are well-built adhesive agents and can work on all-purpose walls.


Hanging heavy pictures without nails. Either big or small, these adhesive gadgets will adhere all your favorite pictures securely to the walls without ruining wall nature.

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