Best way to clean up drywall dust

Best way to clean up drywall dust. Drywall is made in many buildings and homes as they are cheaper. Drywall is made of gypsum covered in heavy paper from both sides. Gypsum is chalky material and when it gets cut it leaves heavy dust everywhere in the house.

Here is the best way to clean up drywall dustHere Is The Best Way To Clean Up Drywall Dust

Cleaning this drywall dust requires much effort. So what is the best way to clean drywall dust?  This article explains the best way to clean the drywall dust by following few easy steps to save your time.

Step 1:

Cover all the vents and systemsCover All The Vents And Systems

This drywall dust is not good for the respiratory tract. So, before starting cleaning put a face mask on to avoid respiratory inflammation.

Make sure that windows are opened and all air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems are closed.

Cover all air conditioners, stoves, and other vents with a plastic sheet. So that dust does not get into them.

Step 2:

Sweeping the dust in the corner

Cover all the furniture properly with plastic sheets, so they don’t get all dusty. All of this dust cannot be cleaned in an instant with a vacuum cleaner as this dust can clog the vacuum.

So in the first step, take a broom, start sweeping from the corner of the room and sweep all the drywall dust into a pile in the corner of the room. Take a large plastic garbage bag and add all this dust to the bag.

Step 3:

Put fans in windowsPut Fans In Windows

Now, wait for few minutes so that dust in the air will settle down on the floor for further cleaning. Put a pedestal fan in the window with its face towards the outside.

Now take the broom and sweep the remaining dust and direct it towards the fan in the window. This fan will work as an exhaust fan to get the dust out of the house.

This method will work more efficiently if more than one window is opened and all of these have fans on.

Step 4:

Vacuum cleaningVacuum Cleaning

Now again wait for few minutes so the remaining dust settles down. It’s time to start vacuum cleaning on the floor properly without getting the filters of the vacuum clogged. To get the dust out of the corners try to use an upholstery attachment.

It will help you to clean the dust from grouts of tiles and hardwood floors. Clean the whole house with a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dust particles from any corner.

Step 5:

Wipe the floor

Now take a damp piece of cloth and wipe the whole floor and shelves with this cloth. It will pick all the residual dust. Due to damp cloth,

Some might worry about this dust turning into the mud but do not worry! This dust does not have such components to turn into mud. This damp cloth will help you cleaning from rough surfaces.

Best way to clean up drywall dust 2022


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