Gosund Smart Plug Setup

Gosund Smart Plug Setup. Have you newly purchased a Gosund Smart Plug and are still confused about what to do to set it up?

Smart plugs are one of the most prominent and widely available smart home gadgets. As a result, it is indeed attractive to convert the entire apartment into a connected home, one that would be totally networked and accessible via cellphone or voice instructions.

Smart plugs can convert the whole of existing non-smart appliances and equipment into technology integrated.

You may manage home equipment through an application using Wi-Fi or set schedules with the software on the tablet or phone by connecting these to smart plugs.

So, here’re instructions for you about setting up the gosund smart plug, let’s get into the article for detailed information.

Gosund Smart Plug Setup gosund smart plug setup 2021

For easy setting up of a gosund smart plug you just have to follow the given steps.

  • Download the Smart Life app on your phone or tablet. It works with iOS 8.0 and higher, as well as Android 4.4 and over.
  • Hit ‘Register‘ then add your email account for creating the account.
  • Ensure that blue light on the Gosund smart plug is blinking and is connected to an Alternating current source.
  • For attaching any device, press the ‘+’ sign or even the ‘Add Device‘ option.
  • To use the ‘Add Manually’ or ‘Auto Scan‘ settings, you may look for a Gosund smart plug. When you choose ‘Auto Scan,’ the application automatically looks across all nearby Gosund smart plugs.
  • Link the smart plug to the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection in the house.
  • On the home page, you can still see an overview of all your Gosund smart plugs.
  • By pressing on the titles of each plug, you can reach all options.
  • By tapping the writing symbol at the upper side, you may give the smart plugs a catchy title.
  • You could also define schedules and routines in the options menu to turn the Gosund smart plugs on and off at specific times.
  • You can use the ‘Smart Scenes‘ opportunity to organize many smart plugs as just a single entity. For example, you could put the kitchen’s smart plugs into a separate “scene,” in order to make it easier to control all with only a simple touch.
  • You could also use the ‘Automations‘ ability to organize automated temperature, moisture, dawn & dusk, climate, and many other factors.

This is all how you can easily set up your gosund smart plug but let’s get a quick look at further detail for better understanding.

How can you connect the gosund smart plug to google?connect the gosund smart plug to google

You can connect your gosund smart plug with google home just by following the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Firstly, a Google gateway or voice assistant is required to complete the Smart Life setup.
  • Make a unique title for the Gosund smart plug.
  • Make sure that the gosund smart plug gets plugged into the proper AC socket and therefore is connected to the Smart Life profile.
  • Then, from the play store download the Google Home application now choose the ‘+‘ sign.
  • Look up the term ‘Smart Life’ and then fill in the Smart Life username and password.
  • The enabled devices plug would be detected by Google Home, then you’ll be able to handle it using Google Assistant.

How can you add voice control to a gosund smart plug?

If you need to use voice commands to control your smart plug gadgets, you may connect them to an Alexa. The following are process steps for connecting your Gosund smart plug with Alexa.

  • Use a voice-activated smartphone, such as Amazon’s Alexa, and install the Smart Life application on it.
  • Assign the Gosund smart plug a distinctive name as this one is necessary because you will utilize it in voice control.
  • From an android or Ios smartphone, simply download the Alexa application.
  • Now, select ‘Skills and Games’ from 3 diagonal lines there from the top left corner.
  • Lastly, as in the Alexa app, search for ‘Smart Life’ then turn it on.

This is how you can add voice commands to a gosund smart plug without any inconvenience.


The Gosund smart plugs are one of the functional and beautiful smart plugs available, combining price and extensive capabilities. Certainly, you won’t get the same amount of home automation connection as other smart gadgets, and if you’re on a spending plan, Gosund smart plugs offer great value for money too.

We hope you find this article really helpful and informative.

Gosund Smart Plug Setup

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