Could not communicate with your google home mini

Could not communicate with your google home mini. The Google Home Mini is a voice-activated speaker that can play music, operate smart home devices, answer trivia questions, add items to a shopping list, schedule appointments, and play video on a Device screen.

Several circumstances can result in the error message

Could not communicate with your google home minicould not communicate with your google home mini(fix)

There can be several different problems with your google home mini; we will cover them in this article. Let’s see the problems and their solutions now.


Rebooting means restarting the device, any device that could be switched off or on can be rebooted.

To reset, unplug your google home mini for 20 seconds and then plug it back in. this can solve many problems with your device.

Stable Connection

When you’re setting up Google Home, don’t get too far away from your router. Make sure the following aspects.

  • Check that the Wi-Fi in the area where you’re trying to connect it to Google Home is active.
  • Any other devices’ Wi-Fi should be turned off.
  • If you have an older internet router, it may have trouble connecting to multiple devices at the same time.
  • Bluetooth should be enabled.

While a Wi-Fi connection in your home or office is required to set up and operate your Google Home Mini, a Bluetooth connection between your new smart speaker and your smartphone or tablet is also required.

Application is not all set upapplication is not all set up

Unlike standard wireless speakers, which you may connect to using your device’s general Bluetooth settings, Google Home devices require the installation of the Google Home app on either an Android smartphone or tablet or an iPhone or iPad.

Because the Google Home Mini requires the Google Home app to function, check sure it’s up to current. You must learn how to tell if your Android or iOS apps need to be updated.

If the App is all set up, and still your google home mini is malfunctioning, then try reinstalling the app and provide all the settings again.

Network disability

When you face this error, it might be possible that you have to reset your network. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth and then reconnect to the device.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi connection with the google home mini and reconnect to it.
  • Turn on airplane mode, then switch on Wi-Fi manually.

Use genuine peripherals

When you purchase this device, you are provided with genuine accessories. Always use the power adapter and cord that came with your Google Home.

It should not be connected to your TV’s USB input or a direct USB socket from another device.

Device is not compatibledevice is not compatible

The phone, tablet, or any smart device you’re using might be outdated, or it’s not supporting the version of the google home application.

Also, make sure the following checkpoints are in this regard.

  • Check the minimum system requirements for your device.
  • The iPhone or iPad must be running iOS 12.0 or a newer version.
  • The Android device must have at least Android 6.0 installed. I
  • If a specific device is causing the connection error, make sure it’s compatible with Google Home speakers.
  • Then, on your iOS or Android device, update the Google Home app.

If there are any compatibility issues, an app update may be able to resolve them.

Logged in Profile

If you’ve already set up the Google Home application and still you are getting the ‘couldn’t communicate’ issue, you should verify the Google account that’s linked to it.

Are you using the same Google account that was used to set up the Google Home app? If not, then follow the following steps.

  • Add the original account, and Google Speaker will begin to function.
  • Login Home icon and select the profile picture icon in the upper to check the account.
  • The first account is the one that is currently in use.

This resolves in most cases of malfunctioning.

Reset the device (Google Home Mini)google home mini reset the device

If you have tried all solutions above and still your problem resides. Then you can try resetting your google home mini. Contingent upon your Google Home speaker, the methods to reset it may vary.

For more information on how to reset certain Google speakers, see the official instructions or follow the following stages:

  • Press and hold the little button under your Google Home speaker for 15 seconds to reset it.
  • It will say that Google Assistant is attempting to reset the device.
  • If you get stuck on the green light while resetting, learn how to fix the problem through the user manual or other instructive driver.

Could not communicate with your google home mini

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