Garage door not opening but motor running

Garage door not opening but motor running. When you’re attempting to get to work, school, or a virtual meeting, a damaged garage door can be a significant annoyance. The garage door opener may sound like it is turned on, but the garage door will not open.

If you notice that your garage door opener is operating, but your garage door isn’t opening, there seem to be two potential explanations:

  • It’s possible that the first issue is with the motor itself. A faulty part or gear in your garage door opener could be the cause.
  • Another issue could be that your garage door is not engaging with your motor.

Garage door not opening but motor runninggarage door not opening but motor running 2022

If the motor within your garage door opener seems like it’s operating, but the gear, chain, or screw isn’t moving, it’s possible that a part inside the motor is broken or malfunctioning. If this is the case, you should have the door opener repaired by a qualified service specialist.

Other than these, there are other reasons behind the garage door, not opening but motor running. These might include:

Repairing the opener

If the garage door is open or slightly open, you should not tug on the rope. Because and when you do, the garage door may be released, and if the garage door has a faulty spring or is out of balance, it may close very quickly.repairing the opener

If someone is below the garage door, this could result in significant harm or death, as well as considerable damage to the garage door.

Carriage Disengaged

The majority of garage doors feature a red pull cord that you may use to open and close the door manually. The motor is freed from the chain when the cable is pulled.

The automatic garage door opener cannot work until the chain is re-engaged, whether removed accidentally or purposely. Although the procedure varies by brand and type, many openers can be re-engaged by pulling the emergency cord again.

Excessively Snugly a Chainexcessively snugly a chain

If the garage door opener’s chain is too tight, it might make it increasingly challenging for the mechanical opener to open the door.

The motor and gear will turn in this situation, but the chain will not move, and the door will not open.

The chain-turning gear will need to be replaced if it becomes worn. A handyperson or a determined homeowner can complete this task.

Additional fittings

  • Make sure nothing has gotten stuck in the garage door track. If that’s the case, take it out and try opening the door again.
  • Examine the springs on your garage door. These provide the necessary tension for your garage door to open. 
  • Whether they’ve broken, that’ll be the reason the door won’t open. However, if they are damaged, it is advised not to repair them yourself. Because springs are under a lot of tension, it’s preferable to have them repaired by a knowledgeable specialist.
  • Check to see if any pulleys or cables have snapped or become loose.


Garage door not opening but motor running. A homeowner’s automated garage door opener is expected to be turned on, but the door does not move.

The motor was running, but the door would not open. The first order of business is to locate and disconnect the emergency release.

You’ll be able to operate the door once you’ve released it manually. Note that you should not do this for safety reasons unless the door is completely shut. It would help if you now attempted to open the door physically.

This is to see if the problem is with the garage door or the operator. If the door refuses to open, the issue is most likely with the door itself.

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