Firestick remote blinking orange

Firestick remote blinking orange. It is very irritating to see your firestick remote control not responding and an orange light blinking on the remote control, especially when you are watching your favorite movie with friends.

The orange light starts blinking on the firestick remote control when the remote is disconnected from the firestick, and it is stuck in a discovery mood.

If the orange light is blinking on your device remote control and the remote control is not answering your commands, like it is not changing the volume or channel, then, first of all, power cycle your fire stick device.

If restarting the device does not work and still, the orange light is blinking on the remote control, then your next option is to factory reset the firestick remote.

Keep reading this article to fix the firestick remote blinking orange issue.

Firestick remote blinking orange

If you are unable to change the volume on an Amazon firestick device with remote control, then you are not alone in facing this trouble because it happens to everyone.

Last Sunday, I was watching a movie on my firestick device, but when I tried to decrease the volume but it did not respond, and the orange light was blinking on the remote.

Then I immediately searched for the technical solution to this issue, and now I am sharing my research and knowledge to explain to you what to do if the orange light blinks on the firestick remote.

Power cycle the tv

power cycle the tv

First troubleshooting tip if your remote control is blinking orange light is to give your tv a proper power cycle.

Power cycle does not mean restarting the tv, but it actually means switching off the tv from the device power button and removing the power cable from the power source for one minute.

Reconnect the cord in the receptacle and press the tv power button to turn on the tv.

Unable to update firestick

If there is a software glitch issue, then the power cycle will fix the problem, and your remote control will connect with the firestick now.

Check remote control batteries

check remote control batteries

If your remote control is not responding, check its batteries first because the orange light starts blinking when the remote batteries are damaged or dead.

It’s essential to use quality batteries like lithium batteries in the remote control to connect with the firestick.

If you use rechargeable batteries or bad batteries in the remote, then it will not pair with the device properly.

Similarly, replace your old batteries after two months if you daily use the remote to watch your smart tv. So, purchase a new lithium battery and insert it properly in the remote chamber.

If the remote batteries are not attached to the remote terminals or springs, then the remote will not connect with the firestick device.

Check the connections

Different HDMI cables are connected in the ports to turn the firestick device.

So, keep checking all cable connections because if any HDMI cable is broken or damaged, then the orange light will start blinking on the remote control because the remote will not connect with the firestick.

Ensure the device is receiving proper electric current and internet connection if the remote control is not connecting with the Amazin fire device.

Wireless Interference

The remote control is not connected through wires with the firestick device, but it uses radio waves to connect with the device, so anything interfering between both devices disconnects the connection.

Do not place large objects in front of the firestick device and remote control because the radio wave signals are diverted, and you can not operate the device.

Similarly, don’t turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone close to the firestick and remote device because if the Bluetooth devices are turned on close to the devices, they will interfere with the connection.

Check the Wifi connection

check the wifi connection

The firestick device is connected to the wifi connection, then check the wifi connection to see if the remote control is not working and the orange light is blinking.

The remote is unpaired with the firestick when the firestick is disconnected from the wifi internet connection. Check the wifi signals on your smartphone.

If there are no signals on the smartphone also, then it means there is an issue with the router or somebody in the home changed the wifi password.

So, reconnect the device’s wifi password and try to reconnect the remote control with the tv. I am sure if the remote control was responding due to a changed password, then the orange lights will be removed now.

Reset the Fire Stick Remote

The next troubleshooting tip is to reset the firestick device remote if the fire tv stick’s remote still blinks orange light. Follow these simple steps to reset the device remotely.

  1. First, press and hold the menu button, back button, and left navigation circle button at the same time
  2. Hold down all the buttons for 15 to 20 seconds.
  3. Pull out your hand and wait for 2 to 3 minutes.
  4. Open the remote back cover and pull out the batteries.
  5. Insert the battery in the remote after one minute.
  6. Press the home button.
  7. You have successfully reset the remote, and the firestick is paired with the remote control.
  8. You can operate your remote control now.

Factory reset the tv

If, unfortunately, all the above troubleshooting does not work fine and still your remote control is not pairing with the tv, then factory resetting the firestick tv is the last option.

Hulu not working on firestick

But keep in mind one thing a factory reset will clear all your account settings, and you will have to log into all accounts again. A factory reset clears almost all problems, especially all troubles related to the Fire TV Stick.

Follow these instructions to factory reset a Firestick TV.

  1. Press and hold the back button and the right navigation circle simultaneously for 15 seconds.
  2. Select factory reset on the tv screen.
  3. Now, wait for 5 to 10 minutes.
  4. After a complete factory reset, log into your Amazon firestick account.
  5. Your problem is fixed now.
  6. Factory reset is always the last option because it clears all the settings, so always try this option if non of the above tip work.


The bottom line of the post is if the orange light starts blinking on the firestick remote control, then it means it is disconnected from the device.

In this article, I covered all the possible options and solutions for reconnecting the remote with the firestick device. Hulu keeps crashing on firestick

However, if still your problem is not fixed, you can contact Amazon technical staff through the chat channel to take further help.