Unable to update firestick

Unable to update firestick. The Fire TV Stick is a live-streaming media device that converts your normal tv into a smart tv because you can live-stream different dramas and films on various platforms like HBO Max, Netflix, and Amazon Prime in one place on your tv.

The Fire TV Stick is connected to the wi-fi internet connection to stream media, so it needs high network speed. Similarly, keep updating the latest update version of the firestick device is also necessary; otherwise, you can not download new features in the device.

You must have a minimum of 5mbs speed to update and stream the fire tv stick.

However, if your firestick software is demanding to update because the previous software is currently outdated and you are unable to update, then restart your router, check your device storage and internet connection speed, use an authorized VPN, or factory reset the fire tv stick.

Read this full guide to learn various steps to update the fire tv stick.

Unable to update firestick

Fire tv stick is the best device for those people who do not have the latest smart tv models because they can convert their normal tv to a smart tv by just plug-in the small stick device into the TV’s HDMI slot to stream different online channels.

However, it’s necessary to keep updating the latest updates in the fire tv stick, and if you are unable to update, then read this directory and instructions to troubleshoot the problem.

Check internet connectioncheck internet connection 3 2

Internet connection speed depends upon the bandwidth, so if you are suffering from weak signal strength, then you will keep facing fire tv stick updating issues.

The minimum speed required to stream the different live platforms and update the firestick is 5mbps, so make sure you have subscribed to this internet package.

You can check the internet speed on your computer or smartphone by browsing some channels like youtube.

If you see the media is streaming at a fast speed on youtube, then it means there is no internet problem.

However, if youtube is also slow, then it means there is internet service down in the area due to maintenance or bad weather conditions.

Check the internet router cable because a faulty cable is also one of the main reasons for bad internet.

Reboot your router by disconnection the router power cable from the socket for one minute and putting the cord again in the socket to switch on the router. It removes the electrical glitches mostly, and the internet speed is increased.

Power cycle fire tv stick

Fire tv stick does not update when there are small glitches, so if you confirm that there is no bad internet, then power cycle your fire tv stick.

You can easily reboot your Fire TV Stick with the remote control. Press the power button on the remote control to turn off the firestick for one minute. Turn on the firestick, similarly pressing the power button on the remote control.

However, if your bad time is going on and the remote control is also malfunctioning, then remove the plug from the electric outlet and connect it after one minute.

After power cycling, the fire tv stick detached its power cable from the socket for some seconds and reconnected it. Now, turn on your device and connect it to an internet connection to update the outdated firestick software.


use vpn

If you are failing to update, then use a VPN because sometimes a pending update is not available in your area, so you can download a good VPN to unlock the pending update of your firestick. Program firestick remote to tv


If you live in a hot area and it’s extremely hot weather outside, then the overheats and does not clear software glitches.

When you continuously connect the fire tv stick device to your smart tv and watch movies or shows, then the device and charger heat up due to turning it on for a long time.

It stops updating the new software updates, so it’s better to give some rest to your device and charger to let it cool down for some time by turning off and removing its charger from the socket.

Storage space

The built-in storage space of the device is 8 GB which is taken by the operating system and social apps.

So, it’s important to keep clearing the app data and cache data to free up the maximum space in the firestick.

Delete the unnecessary data and social apps from the firestick. The device will automatically update when you free up data storage space in the device.

Server status

server status

Another reason responsible for this issue is server disruption in your area. Check your firestick server status. If you are stuck in a loaded circle or continuously receiving an error message, then surely there is a server outage. Disney plus not working on firestick

In this situation, you literally can not do anything but just wait to resolve the issue from the Amazon server.

Once the issue is solved from the other end, you can update your firestick.

Factory Reset

If you still experiencing the problem and are unable to update your Amazon fire stick, then I have the last step for you to factory reset the device.

Factory device will wipe all the data and possible issue that is stopping your device to update

Follow these simple steps.

  • Go to menu settings.
  • Click My Fire TV.
  • Go to  Reset to Factory Defaults.
  • Click Reset.


The last thoughts on this troubleshooting directory are if you have a device in your home and you stream different media content on it, then updating is very important to update new features.

But, if you are failing to update your Amazon firestick device, then follow all the steps described in this article. If Amazon’s servers have server outages, then you can not do much but wait.

But it does not happen too often, so restart your device and router to make sure it is connected to the fire tv stick. Factory reset fire stick without remote