Amazon fire stick not connecting to wifi

Amazon fire stick not connecting to wifi. The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a great small streaming media player for watching movies and TV shows.

It gives you access to thousands of TV series, movies, and games that were previously locked away.

A 4K TV and a robust internet connection are required for the best experience with Fire Stick. If your Amazon fire stick doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, follow these steps to figure out what’s wrong.

Amazon fire stick not connecting to wifi
why amazon fire stick not connecting to wifi

There are a variety of reasons why your Fire TV Stick is unable to establish a connection with your wireless network. Here are a few easy suggestions to get you started:

Check Router

If your router’s Wi-Fi has an issue, you’ll have troubles with all of your connected devices, including the Fire TV Stick.

The router must be reset and its firmware upgraded to the most recent version. Now that you’ve done that go ahead and reconnect the Fire TV Stick to the router.

Unhide Wi-Fi SSID

The Fire TV Stick will not be able to locate the specified Wi-Fi network if it is hidden. Take the actions given below.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your Fire TV Stick.
  • Select Network then Other Network from the drop-down menu
  • To continue, enter the Wi-Fi network’s SSID (Name) and click the Next button
  • From the following menu, choose Security type and enter the Wi-Fi password
  • You’re ready to connect to the Wi-Fi network after pressing the Connect button

amazon fire stick check router

Set Wi-Fi GHz

When you turn on the Fire TV Stick, it will immediately join the 2.4 GHz network instead of the 5.0 GHz network. This has happened several times.

If that’s the case, your device’s Wi-Fi connection will be slow. To make a modification, follow the procedures listed below.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu by pressing and holding the Fire Stick’s home button
  • Go to the Networking section
  • You must be on a 5GHz network, not a 2.4GHz network, in order to use this feature

Eliminate the router’s interference with the Fire TV Stick

you may have issues with Wi-Fi signal strength depending on where you put the Fire TV Stick.  Remove or reconsider the position of the router if there is a thick wall or other physical obstacles between it and the Fire TV Stick.

Compatible Remotecompatible remote

Changing the Fire TV Stick’s Wi-Fi network configuration is impossible if the remote control doesn’t function properly.

Start by making sure the remote control has fresh batteries in it before you do anything else.

By now, you should have a remote that is compatible with your Fire TV Stick. Restart Fire TV Stick

Wi-Fi will not connect to Fire TV Stick? Try rebooting your device. Restarting the Amazon Fire TV Stick is as simple as following the instructions shown below.

  • Navigate to the Fire TV Stick’s settings by pressing the Home button.
  • Select My Fire TV from the drop-down list
  • Go to the following menu and choose Restart

Update Fire TV Stick

It’s possible that the Fire TV Stick’s Wi-Fi issues are the result of a bad build that Amazon released.

Fortunately, Amazon responds quickly to significant concerns. To upgrade the firmware on your Fire TV Stick, simply follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Go to the Settings menu on your Fire TV Stick
  • Go to My Fire TV then About then Check for Updates on your Fire TV
  • Install the most recent version of Fire OS on the gadget

Forget and Reconnect the Wi-Fi Network

Forgetting and rejoining the Wi-Fi network can work in some cases. Follow the procedures listed below to disconnect and rejoin your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s Wi-Fi network.

  • Keep the Fire TV Stick remote’s home button pressed for a few seconds.
  • Go to the Networking section.
  • Choose an option on the remote by pressing the Option key (the remote will show three horizontal lines).
  • The Fire TV Stick will be removed from the Wi-Fi network once you confirm your selection.
  • Simply choose the WiFi network and enter your password from the same menu, then you’re ready to go.

Check the App Servers

It’s possible that the issue stems from the app you’re attempting to access via Mac’s Wi-Fi connection.

Even if your Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable, you won’t be able to use the app if the app server is down.

Look for the app on Downdetector. If app outrage increases dramatically, there’s an issue with the app. Wait a while, and then contact the company to see if they can resolve the problem.


Without Wi-Fi, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is worthless. Follow the above steps to troubleshoot if your amazon fire stick is not connecting to wifi.

When the Fire TV Stick’s Wi-Fi connection fails, the forget and reconnect method works well. Solution Amazon fire stick keeps restarting.

Amazon fire stick not connecting to wifi

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