Amazon fire stick keeps restarting

Amazon fire stick keeps restarting. Do you find the issue mentioned above the most annoying and inconvenient event during your entertainment session?

Well, that’s normal if you get frustrated if you are enjoying your favorite center TV series and suddenly the fire stick reboots.

An individual can get extremely irritated If this problem happens more frequently. But do you know you don’t need to be that furious and annoyed when you have this guide?

Malfunctioning hardware and software is an older ritual, but that doesn’t mean you cannot fix it.

We agree that this event is one of the most inconvenient events when you are in a mood to relax and get a reboot.

You need to look for it and find a way to solve it as soon as possible to avoid any miss convenience in the future.

Finding the real cause could help a lot in reaching the correct fix for any hardware or software. The optimizing issue can be due to inappropriate power blocks.

Besides this cause, there can be a lot of reasons when you have to face it.

Still, we hope our guide to this can narrow the issue down and help you ease it.

Amazon fire stick keeps restarting
easy fixes to amazon fire stick keeps restarting

Whether older or new users, this inconvenience can be the fortune of anyone, so if you think you are alone, you need to think twice.

Relating to Firestick, this issue is one of the prevalent issues that circulate on the internet.

Use Official Accessories

Any USB cord that you can find will do if you’re like me. When using an Amazon Firestick, do not perform this action!! As an alternative, utilize the Firestick’s power cord.

The Firestick’s approved USB adaptor provides power. It’s safe to presume that your Firestick will restart if you use an unbranded USB cable or a power blocker to power your device.

Remove if There Are Too Many Appsremove if there are too many apps

It’s common for us to overload our TV with applications and games, many of which you’ll never use. You can slow down your TV and TV jack by installing too many apps.

So, keep the most vital apps installed and uninstall the rest. Your TV’s settings menu has an “Uninstall app” option.

Try Removing Heating Element

The stick can malfunction if it is held over a hot device. Don’t place a heater next to a stick of dynamite for this reason. Your TV and Firestick can overheat at the same time.

The solution is to use a lengthy HDMI extension cable to remedy the problem. Consider using an extension cord to keep the item away from your television set.

Use a New USB Cableuse a new usb cable

If a micro-USB cable likely, powers your Firestick, the cable will eventually wear out.

Keep in mind, if you’re using an old micro-USB cable to power your Firestick, that it may be insufficient for the job.

So, removing the older one and removing the USB cable with a new one might help in eliminating the issue.

Connect the Power Adapter Directly

It’s not uncommon for customers to connect their Firestick’s power cord to their TV’s USB port (or to a power block that powers their phone). Just connect your Firestick’s USB power cable directly to a wall outlet if it keeps restarting.

Disconnect USB Extension if Any

It may help to unplug a USB extension cord from your Firestick’s power supply. The reason for this is that USB extension cables have different power outputs.

Remove the extension cable if your Amazon Firestick / Fire TV isn’t getting the electricity it requires.

Software Upgrade Might Help

Software upgrades can cure a variety of issues in addition to boosting functionality. Enter settings after syncing your phone or tablet with the TV.

Investigate the existence of any software upgrades. This solution is a must-have if you want to remove Amazon Fire Stick that keeps restarting the black screen problem.


We hope these troubleshooting and easy fixes helped you get rid of the issue. You don’t need to call or contact an expert or visit the service center to solve these simpler yet easier issues.

Simple fixes and solutions can work out for them and can save you from spending too much money.

Amazon fire stick keeps restarting

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