Feit smart bulbs not connecting

Feit smart bulbs not connecting. The Wi-Fi network may be 5GHz, and the required Wi-Fi connection is 2.4GHz, so the frequency difference won’t allow the connection.

The bulb may not be in pairing mode. Wi-Fi may not be on. A VPN may be disrupting your connection in the background. The bulb may be damaged.

My FEIT smart bulb was not connecting. I decided to check the Bulb and troubleshoot the connection of the bulb by myself.

The bulb connection is pretty important in accessing the smart features of the bulb. Without connection, my bulb was like a normal bulb, meaning not smart.

I started with a WI-Fi router to troubleshoot the bulb’s connection and searched about the router.

Then after that, I looked for Feit smart bulb and checked all blub details. The information about the bulb was limited, but I checked the bulb and fixed it.

Read to learn!

Feit smart bulbs not connecting

Having smart bulbs to control and enjoy setting your own light preference is great. But having a smart bulb but being unable to set the preference isn’t great.

Smart bulbs bring smart problems. The smart bulbs sometimes don’t connect to Wi-Fi. Having no Wi-Fi with smart bulbs makes them ordinary bulbs.

The smart bulb features aren’t accessible without Wi-Fi. The frequency settings of Wi-Fi are a major cause of Wi-Fi issues. The Feit app may be the problem.

The Wi-FI is too far from the Bulb and causing issues. Reset may be required for bulb connection. Let’s see more!

Wi-Fi frequency

wi fi frequency

Wi-Fi frequency is an important thing for connection. The frequency of Wi-Fi is termed bandwidth. The bandwidth of the Wi-Fi should match the bandwidth of the bulb.

The bandwidth of Feit smart bulbs is 2.4GHz ad is only compatible with the same bandwidth of Wi-FI.

Other frequencies like 5GHz are not compatible with the bulb, even though having 5GHz is more efficient than 2.4GHz.

Check the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi and see if it is 2.4GHz or 5GHz. If the frequency or the bandwidth of the Wi-Fi is 2.4GHz, then you are okay to connect.

If the frequency is 5GHz, then you need to change it to 2.4GHz. To change the Wi-Fi’s bandwidth, you need to go to settings and then advanced settings.

In advanced settings, the frequency will be 5GHz, simply set the bandwidth by tapping or selecting the 2.4GHz option.

Network strength

network strength

Network strength is another problem that is related to bulb and Wi-Fi connection. The strength of Wi-Fi is important as the low or weak connection isn’t good with the bub.

The weak strength of Wi-Fi isn’t compatible with the bulb.

The Wi-Fi signal may be there, but its strength may be weak, so the bulb won’t connect to the Wi-Fi when it has weak signals.

So the strength of the Wi-Fi signals should be checked for connectivity.

If the WI-Fi signal strength is weak and isn’t connected with the bulb, then bring the router close to the bulb.

You may have placed the router in another room, and the signal to the room in which the bulb is may be weak because of the distance between the rooms.

The weak signal strength can be dealt with by bringing the bulb closer to the Wi-Fi or increasing the Wi-Fi signal strength of the bulb.

Router issue

router issue

The router issue includes the strength issue, but more issues with the router are mainly focused on here. The router may not be on.

Check if the router is plugged in or not. If the router isn’t plugged in or the outlet to the router isn’t on, then insert the router’s cable in the outlet and turn the router on.

After the router is on, the signal will start coming after a few seconds.

If the signals haven’t appeared or have appeared, but still the Wi-Fi isn’t connected, try resetting the router.

Resetting the router just includes removing the router’s power and letting it stay without power for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds have passed, re-plug the router and turn it on. The router will have reset and will be ready for connection.

The Connection problem may not be cleared by resetting the router either; move to next.

Password issue

password issue

This issue is related to the router, but this issue is common and makes its own point. Password issue here refers to both security and password.

Sometimes the password of the Wi-Fi is different from what you entered. The bulb will not connect to the Wi-Fi if the bulb is being connected with the wrong password.

Check the Wi-Fi password under the router and try connecting. The password under the router may be changed, so use the current password by asking someone who may have changed it.

After the correct password is entered, the Wi-Fi will connect with the bulb very easily. YOu can also set the Wi-Fi open by pressing the router button and holding it.

You can remove the Wi-Fi password and connect later if the connection has a password. Just connect after entering the right password, as mentioned. The connection will be resolved.

Pairing mode

Pairing mode of the bulb and Wi-Fi matter too. There are two pairing modes in the smart bulb by FEIT.

The two modes for pairing are to connect with a variety of networks conveniently. Your Wi-Fi may require another pairing mode to connect with the Feit bulb.

All FEIT products have two modes. There are EZ and AP modes in the bulb. The default mode of connection is the EZ mode.

Switching to AP mode from the EZ mode is a great idea before the bulb is changed. Try AP mode and then connect. The connection with Wi-Fi may occur.

Bulb issue

bulb issue

If the router is fine and even the connection is great, but the Wi-Fi doesn’t align with the bulb, then the bulb may have internal issues.

The internal issues with the bulbs are worse than other issues. The smart bulb by FEIT may have something like a broken circuit inside.

The broken bulb circuit won’t let the bulb connect, nor would it let the bulb light. If the bulb doesn’t turn on, the connection won’t occur.

The damaged bulb won’t be repaired. You will need to replace the smart bulb and connect the new smart bulb.


Getting yourself smart Feit bulbs to make the most of your button turning is a great idea. You don’t need to use the buttons on the board; you can enter the room and control it with your mobile.

If your smart bulb has issues, one of the above issues is probably the culprit. The solution for the smart bulb issue sits above. Contacting Feit services is better. Thanks for reading!

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