Electric oven broiler works bake does not

Electric oven broiler works bake does not. Now a day there is a wide range of electric ovens on market. These ovens have characteristic features that allow you to use them for many purposes like grilling, baking, broiling, etc.

An electric oven is the best choice for people who love to make different dishes for their families.

But besides electric oven features, you also have to face some problems by using it such as some time it is noticed that their broiler function perform well but on the other side, their baking function does not on.

These problems frustrate you while you have to think about baking something. Now here in this article, we have discussed some major causes of this problem, and let’s see how to troubleshoot it.

Electric oven broiler works bake does not

electric oven broiler works bake does not

Examine the fuse

The broiler function works but does not perform a baking function of your electric oven the reason that might be behind this issue is a fuse.

Sometimes broken fuse of the baking function of your oven led to the reason behind their baking function do not work. To examine this issue check your fuse thoroughly.

If your fuse gets damaged it is best to get new and replace it. But before buying the new fuse keep one thing in mind that buy a new fuse of the same size and capacity as the previous one.


The reason behind the electric oven broiler work but the bake does not is the faulty igniter.it is used as an electricity provider to make the oven heat up. It can be located in the back of your oven.

When you find out the problem with your igniter. Then to check this issue by using a multimeter if the value of the igniter lies between 10 and 2500 ohm then it will be ok but if its value is less than this range it shows no continuity.

To fix this problem replace the igniter with a new one.

Restart the oven

It is interesting to be noted that sometimes just a simple trick is enough to solve this problem electric oven boilers work but their baking function does not.

This trick is quite simple restart the oven.to restart the oven you just need to follow the simple steps. First, unplug the wire from the power outlet and leave it for a few minutes.

After that again plug the wire.to follow these steps restart all the components of the oven including the baking function.

Damaged wire

damaged wire

The burnt wire might be another reason behind the baking function of your oven does not work. Sometimes the wire of the baking function may get damaged.

It is quite difficult to find outburn issue because it was present inside an oven. And when you find out the burnt wire issue replace the wire with another to troubleshoot it.

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensors play an essential role in electric ovens. Temperature sensors help to provide heat to the oven. so when it gets damaged it will stop the function of the oven just like the oven stop its baking function.

In most cases, the temperature sensor gets damaged due to the rise and fall of heat. When the oven gets suddenly heated it becomes a cause of failure temperature sensor.

It is suggested to check the temperature sensor regularly. to check the resistance in the temperature sensor an use ohmmeter it will give you an exact resistance value.

Some time temperature sensor will not get proper heat from the inner element of the oven. If you get the failure of the temperature sensor then it is suggested to replace it to make it able to perform a baking function.

Damaged heating element

Sometimes damaged heating element might be a reason behind your electric oven broiler work but baking does not.it is pretty simple to find out the damaged element of the baking function.

When the heating element of the baking function is damaged it will show light red. so when you get that issue you just simply need to change it.

If it cannot respond after replacement then there might be a chance of some electrical issue with your oven. to check it use a voltmeter to find the exact value in the wire of your baking heating element.

Main control board

As we are familiar the mainboard is responsible to provide a voltage to the heating element of both the broiler and baking. so the failure of the mainboard will ultimately lead to failure in performing their function.

But it is suggested to be don’t try to fix the mainboard by yourself if you have no any knowledge about how to fix the maintain board it is better to hire a professional to fix this problem.


Electric oven broiler works bake does not. In the above article, I will hopefully describe all the problems regarding your oven broiler work but baking does not. There are numerous reasons behind these that the baking function does not work.

Fuse damaged, Mainboard, damaged wire, heating element are the main reason behind this issue.

I will give you simple tips to find out the main cause of why broil function work but baking does not and also suggest you simple tips to troubleshoot it.

If one tip does not work to solve your oven problem then you don’t need to worry about this just follow another tip to fix your oven problem.

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