Dryer vent hose falls off

If a dryer vent hose falls off, then most possibly, it is due to the reason that it is not fixed accurately and there is clog and debris in it. So whenever you fix a hose at a certain place then ensure that is fixed in the right placement and it is sealed properly.

If you see any crack on the hose clasp or the vent pipe, then immediately replace it with a new hose. If your dryer vent is frequently falling off, then it is a very bad time because the laundry room gets hot in no time.

It moves the hot air from outside the dust will gather on the floor of the laundry room when the dryer pipe is separated.

It is suggested to you don’t use the dryer machine if its vent pipe is not present because there are various hazards that can occur, like fire risk, an increase of carbon monoxide gas that is very dangerous to inhale, and the growth of mildew in the laundry room.

The dryer vent hose falls off

the dryer vent hose falls off

If you are here, then it means that you are also facing trouble, so don’t turn the page and follow the steps that are mentioned below to fix the vent hose tightly.

1. Switch off the dryer

If you are drying the clothes in the dryer machine and suddenly its vent pipe falls off, then don’t get panic, and first of all, turn off the dryer machine.

2. Pull out the plug of the machine

The next thing to do is pull out the plug of the unit from the socket. The power cable of the machine will not get defective in this way.

3. Separate the dryer from the wall

Mostly washing and dryer units are placed near the walls for easy access and to prevent them from being damaged.

So separate the dryer from the wall so that you can easily approach the kink vent on the back side of the dryer.

If your dryer is placed in a very small laundry room and you have no other option but to ascend over the machine, then you can climb over it.

But it is a very rare case, so pull out the unit at some distance from the wall to go behind it.

4. Detach the vent pipe from the dryer

dryer vent hose falls off 2022

Now it’s time to death the vent pipe from the dryer. You can do it super easy in this way.

  • Take a Philips screwdriver and unlatch the metal braces.
  • If an aluminum tape is also there, then take a knife and clear it.

5. Mend the damaged kink metal dryer vent

If the flexible vent pipe is built up of pliable material and if it is collapsed, then you can kink it back to its original shape. If unfortunately, there is a hole in it, then you can also use aluminum tape to wrap the hole.

If the repairing of the dryer vent is not working well and there is still lint on the floor, and hot air in the room, then change the unit to get safe from big hazards.

6. Clean the vent hose

clean the vent hose

As you know, a vent pipe is used to emit the hot air outside the room, so its maintenance and cleaning are very necessary because dust and debris are clogged in it due to which flow of air is interrupted.

So use a brush and clean the dust and debris from the vent hose. It is also the habit of some birds to make a nest in the vent pipes, so if there is any nest, then remove it also.

7. Reattach the dryer pipe

After repairing the dryer pipe, now it’s time to reattach it to the machine. The finest way to fix a flexible vent is by utilizing movable metal braces and then applying the aluminum foil tape on the braces for a compact seal.

8. Rol back the machine

After attaching the vent hose with the dryer machine accurately now rollback it slowly to its original place. Push back the unit carefully so that the vent hose does not fall off again.


The final words in this article are that if your dryer vent hose is falling off frequently then turn off the dryer because if you will use the dryer without a vent pipe then it is very dangerous.

Detach it from the machine, repair it and then tightly fix it to the machine with a metal clasp and aluminum tape.

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