Whirlpool dryer error codes

Whirlpool dryer error codes. A variety of errors exist in whirlpool dryers. To understand and identify them, codes have been assigned to them. If you know the codes, then you can easily find a solution.

I was facing problems with a dryer. I could see the errors being displayed, but I didn’t know what that meant. I read the guide that was with the device. After reading, I was able to fix the error as I knew what it meant.

It’s difficult in the guide. So, I decided to write this article for people with these devices. This will help them access information faster. Keep reading.

Whirlpool dryer error codes

whirlpool dryer error codes

You will see the electric board fault in error F01. Then Fo2 will identify the circuit board problem. F1E1 shows a problem with the motor. F1E3 will show that the EOC is not installed properly. The button error will be different.

Software errors will be displayed by a different number. Moisture sensor failure will demand its own number.

Communication failure is not a big problem, but it will be shown as well. The heater relay may fail, and you will see the assigned number. Voltage error is a problem you may see often.

Let’s see errors that are related to the dryer with a brief description.

F1E1 cipher

This shows that the motor relay is stuck. The electronic control board is to be swapped with a new EOC.

F1E3 cipher

This appears with the wrong installation of EOC. The number present on it is the model number. Before getting a new one, you need to correct the model like the old one.

Do not leave any numbers out. The engineering number is present in the last digits. Make sure you have used all the numbers.

F2E1 cipher

This is displayed when the button on the user interface gets stuck. With the proper method, you can release the key. This method won’t stay in work for too long. Replacing the button or finding another solution is required.

Cipher F2E4

The user interface has a software problem. This is caused when the internal board fails to work. A suitable solution to this problem is a replacement, meaning a new user interface.

Cipher F3E1

You will see this when the thermistor of the exhaust fails between the thermistor and the control. You need to check the harness.

Find the temperature of 10-kilo ohms. You need to check the resistance across all terminals and at room temperature. You may not find the exact one, so look for the closest one.

Issue F3E2

issue f3e2

This problem is shown when there is a failure in the moisture sensor. Between the control and the moisture sensor, you need to check the harness like before.

The connector sometimes gets detached or loosens because of vibration.

They may have been pulled by someone while disassembling the machine. The damage to the sensor should be diagnosed. It needs to be replaced depending on the damage to the sensor.

F3E3 problem

The failure of the thermistor will show this cipher. Check the thermistor and also the harness to it. You need to find the reading of 50k ohm, and also, it should be at room temperature.

If not, then observe and find the temperature that is closest to it.

F4E1 and F4E2 cipher

This problem occurs with the failure of the heater relay. It should be checked and repaired. It may need replacement.

Cipher F4E3

When the airflow is restricted, this will happen. The vent is blocked or restricted. It needs to be unrestricted, and the blockage should be removed. It is present at the back. The end is also something to be cleaned.

F4E4 cipher

The supply voltage change can also cause problems. This happens with a low voltage below 30V. The MCBs need to be untripped. The power cord is checked, too, as it handles the supply. Overheating causes the breakers and cords to come off and get loose. They need to be reached. AC voltage leg could be lost.

F6E2 or F6E3 code

Communication failure causes it. It happens when the connection between the control and the user interface is lost. Restarting may solve this.


The error codes above should be understood before you try something. What if you are checking the vent while the problem is the power cord? So to save time, it is better to understand and know them.

The manual with the device will act as a manual. If you lost it, this article would fill you in. Get a certified technician if a problem still exists after trying.

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