No air coming out of outside dryer vent

No air coming out of outside dryer vent. The proper airflow is very important for the working of a dryer. A dryer will do its work accurately when the warm air can pass through without any issue.

But if no air comes out of the outside dryer vent, then the most common reason beyond this issue is blockages in the lint or dust filter.

As you know that hot air comes out of the dryer vent, so if there is clogged in it, then there will be no space for air to pass from the hole. Although, there are some other causes also beyond this issue like

  • Clog in the dryer
  • Blower wheels are cracked
  • Blockage in blower wheels
  • Clogs in venting pipe

The most important thing to do whenever using a dryer to dry clothes is its proper maintenance through cleaning and removing dust and debris from all its parts. Keep reading this page to get more knowledge about this problem of a dryer.

No air coming out of outside dryer vent

no air coming out of outside dryer vent

If you want to check the airflow when the dryer is working, put your hand on the outer vent.

You will feel the flow of air if there is nothing wrong with the machine.

If the air is reduced, then the dryer is malfunctioning. Check these parts of the machine for troubleshooting.

Blockage in the lint filter

Usually, the main culprit beyond the blocked dryer is a clog in the lint filter. First of all, detach the lint filter from the machine. It is fixed on the top of the dryer or just the inner side of the door of the unit. Inspect it carefully and firmly.

If you see any kind of dust or debris on it, then clean it completely. If you want to increase the efficiency of the dryer, then do it after every cycle. It is necessary to remove the blockage from the filter because if it continues then there is a risk of fire.

The blower wheel is clogged

The blower wheel produces the flow of air in the first place in the dryer. When the heating element in the machine creates heat, the airflow is generated by the blower wheel, conveying that heat where it wants to go.

That airflow pushes the heat to pass through the machine and takes out wetness from the clothes before it escapes from the dryer.

With time the dryer wheel is clogged, due to which the airflow from the dryer is affected, and moisture from the clothes is not removed perfectly.

You can remove the blockages from the blower wheel in this way.

  • Firstly, switch off the dryer and wait for some time to cool down the components of the machine.
  • To reach the blower wheel detach the necessary panels.
  • Inspect the layer of dust and another build-up on the wheel.
  • Use your hand to remove the lint and dust.
  • If there is still some dust, then you can use a brush or vacuum for complete cleaning of the blower wheel.
  • Refix all the panels and tighten the screws.

The blower wheel is damaged

no air coming out of outside dryer vent 2022

It is natural that the blower wheel starts to wear out with time. It depends upon the usage of the machine. You can not stop the wheel from getting damaged because you can just fix the problem when it is small before it damages the whole unit.

So when you listen to a shrieking sound from the blower wheel and clothes are taking more time to dry out, then it is better to hire a certified professional who will replace the blower wheel before big damage.

The venting pipe is kinked

If there is no clog in the lint filter and still no air coming out of the dryer vent, then the venting pipe is kinked or twisted.

It is very important that the pipe has no twist in it for regular and fast airflow. So check the position of the hose if it is kinked, then straighten it so that air can come out easily from the vent.

Clogs in venting pipe

clogs in venting pipe

If there is dust, lint, or debris in the venting pipe, then it will not allow airflow from the hole.

Most build-ups in the venting pipe are from the dryer, while some blockages also come from outside.

Normally, it depends upon the usage, but it is better to clean all the clogs from the venting pipe after one year so that airflow is not stopped.


No air coming out of outside dryer vent. The bottom line of the article is that all the experts recommend that clean all parts of the dryer after one year so that there should be no dust and other blockages on the blower wheel, lint filter, and venting hose.

If any part is damaged, then immediately replace it to stop the hazard of fire.

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