Samsung dryer te code

Samsung dryer te code. The TE code in a Samsung dryer is a temperature sensor error code. It means the thermistor is not working. This needs repairing, or the dryer won’t run.

Last week, my dryer wasn’t giving a temperature reading, and then suddenly, the TE code appeared. Confused, I checked my guide. Only thermistor error was written there.

I thought I couldn’t solve it knowing anything else. I researched and found that the temperature sensor, aka thermistor, needs a replacement.

I then searched on the method for thermistor replacement. I used multiple sites. I had to because all questions were on different sites. I fixed it.

I don’t want your time wasted like mine. I present all answers here. So keep reading!.

Samsung dryer te code

samsung dryer te code

The condition of the Dryer is faulty when TE appears. TE means that the heat sensor, which is known as the thermistor, is faulty and not performing its task.

This error is shown when the dryer thinks the thermistor is short. Immediate replacement is needed.

The guide doesn’t show the location of the thermistor. You should take the old one out. The location and method to replace the thermistor will be written with cause and further explanation.

TE meaning

The first thing to know is the meaning of TE. Why TE? That’s what we ask. TE stands for “Thermistor Error”. So the error in the thermistor and errors caused by it in a dryer are displayed by TE.

The temperature sensor or thermistor error is displayed only when the dryer thinks it is faulty. Knowing the meaning will help us be prepared.

Without it, we won’t know what part we need to swap. We will also know where the parts are located. It will help us know if we need to study the guide or check the service manual.

We will also know the problem cost and if we can fix it by ourselves.

Locating the thermistor

locating the thermistor

In a Samsung dryer, the location usually is in two places. It will either be present behind the motor drum area or under it.

It can be attached to the vent. It is small and made of plastic. The width is about 1-inch. You notice two wires contacting the thermistor.

You will know how it looks. You can check the image on google or the manual. It will help in finding it out better. ‘You can replace it.

Tips before replacement

  • A blocked lint filter might start the TE error. So, before you replace the heat sensor, clean the lint filter and clear the blockages present in it. If this removes TE, you won’t need a replacement.
  • Check for both clogging and blockage in the exhaust vent. The vent is at the back of the dryer. Remove the clogs and clear the blockage.
  • Suppose the vents and the lint filter are not blocked or have no clogging. Then you need to remove the power. After removing, check the damage to the wires and connection of the control board and the thermistor. In case the wires are loose, re-secure them by tightening them. If the wiring harness is bad, you need to replace it.
  • If the harness is good and the connections are secure, then you need to measure the resistance of the heat sensor with the help of an ohm or a multimeter. The resistance shown by the meter should be 10k ohms. If the resistance is wrong and the thermistor is short, then you need to replace the resistor. Find the location of the thermistor by reading the above point that is specifically about it.

Steps for replacement

samsung dryer te code 2022

Check behind the motor drum area or under it. If the thermistor isn’t there, check if it is attached to the vent.

  • Shut the dryer off.
  • Unscrew the service panel and remove it.
  • Now remove the lint duct. Do it carefully.
  • Remove the thermistor and detach it from the wires.
  • Attach the new thermistor of the same resistance.
  • Put the lint duct assembly back. Replace if damaged.
  • Install the service panel back. Put the screws.
  • Turn the power on.


The TE error code will be displayed as soon as the fault is detected by the dryer. There isn’t a single reason for this error. As I mentioned, the lint filter, when blocked, can also cause the error.

The cleared vents will help you identify the error early. The wiring should be in good condition. The harness shouldn’t be damaged. If none of these problems exist, the thermistor is the problem.

Follow the tips above before you replace. The location of a thermistor is given and its steps too. If you aren’t used to doing this work, call a tech professional. Read the guide on your own too.

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