Dryer keeps saying clean filter

Dryer keeps saying clean filter. It is the best thing that if you used any appliances, you need to check them or clean them because sometimes when you do not maintain them, then it will make a big problem for you.

The appliances of the house are very sensitive. When it will take a high voltage, then it will get fired or stop working therefore, before using them, you need to check it first.

The dryer is the appliance that you need to check and maintain before using it Because every appliance needs the best cleaning before using it and also works very well.

To clean the filter of the dryer, there are different parts in it you need to clean it then they work fast and also give feedback of it. There is lint in the dryer, which helps to dry all the material clothes and help them to move.

Some people think that if we clean the lint, then it cleans all dryers, but it is not. You need to clean the filter in the dryer otherwise, there is a short circuit in the dryer if you do not clean it.

Dryer keeps saying clean filter

dryer keeps saying clean filter

The dryer is one of the home appliances that need more maintenance because according to the US fire administration that about 15000 houses start fires due to the dryer way you need to clean them regularly after or before using them.

The dryer does not have that much maintenance. There is lint in the lint parts and also the filter in it.

When they move the clothes, then the dirt and some cotton bugs are injected into the filter, which will make them dirty. When you are not clean the filter then, it will not work well.

The dryer needs a clean filter. Therefore, this article tells you about the different steps to clean the filter of the dryer, but before starting, you do not miss any step otherwise, it will be a big risk for you.

Off the Switch

Before using to fix the filter, the first thing that you need to do is off or unplug the dryer because when you start fixing it then, there is no issue that the dryer starts moving.

Off the switch is the first step it is done because of the risk issues, and you need to first take care of yourself and then do the work. Then take the dryer outside of the place where the dryer no move.

Set the dryer in a place where they do not move because it mainly risks moving the dryer and just gives the damage to you.

Take out the top

After doing unplug then in the next, you need to take out the top of the dryer. But some of the dryers have a filter on the backside; therefore, after taking it, you need to check it on the manual book.

Then take the screw holder and take out all the nuts on top of it and then slowly take it out the top especially take care from the corner some time that are stuck form the corner side.

Take the front

After removing the top side then, you need to take off the front side of the dryer because then you will be able to fix the filter in it. There are the two nuts on the upside of the corner. Just untie that screw and take it out.

You just hold it in your hands and do not lose them because it will drop on your foot; therefore, you need to hold it with your hands tightly. Just take it from the front of the drums.

See and clean it

see and clean it

After removing things than you will easily able to see the filter inside of them because there is the main thing in the dryer cleaning is to take out all the things, and tough access is to untie the nuts.

When you see the filter then, you need to take it out and just see the dust; therefore, your filter is not working properly.

You need to see the dust, then clean it properly, and also dry them after cleaning them with water. The filter is like the shape of a disk having small holes in it.

Take the bottom

After just cleaning the filter is not the last step to take the bottom of the dryer, but it is according to the dryer that you are using. You take off the bottom part of it.

This is very harder. That’s why you need extra energy to untie them.

There are two nuts in the mid of them. You need to open them and take them off. When you just see the nuts, then it will come easily out the panel.

Clean the lint

After removing the bottom part, there is lint in them. You also think that there is a many lint or filter in them that you clean.

After seeing them, you take the vacuum and clean them because it will not be able to take them out but before cleaning, keeps in mind that there are small parts in the last tint.

Therefore you need to be very careful about doing this after that, tie them back and do this thing special one in the week to work them properly.


Dryer keeps saying clean filter. The above article tells you that every home appliance you need to clean; therefore, they will work properly.

The dryer is the main appliance that needs extra maintenance therefore, the above article tells you the different steps to clean them.

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