Maytag bravos dryer not heating

Maytag bravos dryer not heating. Dryers are very common these days, but when you are suffering from any type of problem, there is very difficult for you to handle the work.

Here the problem most people are asking about is the Maytag Bravos dryer, not heating. When your dryer is not heating, then there is a big problem that is occurring between you and your work also.

So here are some reasons and also their solutions I am going to discuss with you.

Maytag bravos dryer not heating

maytag bravos dryer not heating

There are some reasons behind the dryer, not heating. The following that may depend upon the working of the dryer are as:

  1. There is any possible issue with the dryer thermal.
  2. The fuse that a thermal contains may be blown.
  3. Burning of the heating element.
  4. The thermostat got failed.
  5. The gas valve is may be broken.
  6. Flame sensor.

These are the reason behind the dyer is not heating. When the dryer does not produce heat, then there are the clothes you put in it are not get dry. They are placed as it is as you put them in the dryer.

Solutions that are used to fix the problem

Here are some solutions which are used to fix the problem the following; through following these solutions, you can overcome the problem that you are facing the following methods.

Check the power coming toward the dryer

Here the first and foremost thing behind the dryer is not drying. It may be the improper supply of the power that is needed to complete your work.

You should check the power that how much it is coming toward the dryer; if there is any barrier, then clear it and provide as full electricity that the dryer needs. The solution to the problem is that supply the proper power that is enough for the dryer to work properly.

The dryer will make the heat when the power is supplied to it; otherwise, it can not heat, and the process of the work could not start.

Remind this step if the dryer is not heating, then you should check the power supply of the dryer that may be necessary and the first thing of all the tragedies you apply to keep the dryer working.

Pay attention to the setting of the dryer

Here is another thing that does not allow the dryer to work is there any faulty or a change in the setting? You should see which options are enabled and which are disabled.

If there is an extra option that is the reason for the faulty that is coming toward the not working is enabled or disabled, then you should check and set it in the way that is better for it.

The dryer is may not heat when the options Fluff Air and Wrinkle Prevent are on.

These options keep the dryer cold, you need to keep the dryer cold when the process of drying is going to end, and you need clothes at a moderate temperature.

If these options are enabled, then you should disable them because it is better for your dryer to make heat and work best.

Clear the faulty in the thermostat

There is the solution to the problem related to the thermostat is the clear all the faults that are coming in the way of the heating of the thermostat. You should check the thermostat that it is leaking.

There is a hole in the thermostat that does not allow it to provide the proper heat to the dryer, and the dryer does not get heated.

If the thermostat is leaking, then you should troubleshoot it because it is a big problem sometimes; you want to replace the thermostat; otherwise, you may need to replace the whole machine because the dryer completely depends on the thermostat because it provides the heat to the dryer to work.

Check the thermal fuse

check the thermal fuse

Here is another thing that there is any faulty in the thermal fuse of the dryer this is the switch that is used for the time when there is the temperature is too high then it helps it to keep in the range that is required to dry the cloth.

It may be damaged when the temperature gets too high, and this fuse blows out.

When this fuse is blown, there should be a problem occur in the direction of the working of the dryer.

The dryer can not dry the clothes if the thermal fuse is blown out and you are not aware of the problem that you are facing.

You should remain your dryer at the temperature that is needed or that is necessary for the dryer to dry the cloth.

If the temperature gets high enough, then it should be the last temperature of the dryer because it may be damaged the dryer, and the dryer to stop working.

Then you should search for the solution and troubleshoot it, and then the dryer starts working; otherwise, it will not. Maytag bravos dryer, not heating.

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