How to keep sheets from balling up in the dryer

How to keep sheets from balling up in the dryer. You can keep sheets from balling up by not overloading them. Dryer balls worked for me. Maybe they can help you too.

After getting annoyed by my sheet getting twisted in the dryer countless times, I started doing research and found a few useful tricks that will help us in avoiding and get rid of this issue.

There can be various reasons this is happening, so before we find the solution, we will learn why this problem is caused and the reasons to avoid it.

You will also notice that the effects of this are written as a subheading as well. Then the solution will be given.

How to keep sheets from balling up in the dryer

keep sheets from balling up in the dryer

There are ways you can to stop this from happening you can check the running capacity of your device and put the load in them according to the capacity.

Overloading will slow it down, and they will keep balling up no matter what you do.

The other you might be able to do is use tennis balls that will aid in the spinning of your machine.

You can straighten the clothes and then put them into the machine. Tying a slightly loosened knot will aid them as well. Let’s see more ways and find out the reasons behind this problem.

Reason sheets get tangled

Dryers and even washing machines work by spinning the laundry inside them. The clothes inside are rotated at high speed in these machines to get the clothes inside them dry.

This is okay, as they need to rotate fast and spin the clothes inside them to get them dry.

This is necessary for them as they need to perform their activities as quickly as they can. But the sheets get wrinkly inside because of this spinning motion.

This can be caused if you are overloading the machine or not using it properly.


  • This motion might be too much to handle for the sheets, so they start to ball up and tangle with themselves and other clothes.
  • They get wrinkly.
  • They become hard to iron.
  • It can damage the machine itself.
  • The clothes or sheets inside can get damaged.

Repressing it

After knowing the reasons and the effects, you are probably looking for preventions and ways to avoid this problem as much as you can.

This problem is not difficult to deal with, but if not dealt with or taken care of it can increase the number of problems you have.

Let me give you some tricks that you can try on your dryer to stop them from bowling up.

Straightening the sheets

Whenever we put clothes in the dryer, or rather, we throw them in it. By doing such, we are raising the chance of clothes tangling. The clothes get crumpled even more when they are set unevenly.

So before putting them or setting them in the dryer, give them a slight shake, so they get a bit straightened.

Then set them in the dryer properly. It is better to shake them a bit before you do them, as they’ll get less wrinkled.

Dryer and balls

dryer and balls

Using balls might sound a bit silly, but this is another effective method for preventing the above problem.

Don’t just throw the balls inside like you are playing. Follow the steps to do it properly.

  • Remove the sheets from the dryer and shake them slightly to straighten them up a bit.
  • Then gently put them back in the dryer.
  • Make sure you have not overloaded it. If so, remove the extra clothes present.
  • Now put the balls in the dryer. The balls will keep moving within and will not allow the clothes to tangle.
  • Turn the machine on and let the clothes wash.

Edge clipping

If you do not have tennis balls or dry balls and straightening them didn’t work for you. This might solve your problem. Like the name refers, you need to tie or clip the edges or corners together.

  • You need to take your clothes out of the dryer like before.
  • Straighten them up a bit.
  • Take two edges of the sheet and clip them together. You can also tie them with a knot in the middle.
  • Now place it back carefully into the machine.
  • Do this with all the other sheets. This ensures that no clothes ball up together.
  • Remember that some corners might remain wet because of tying.


How to keep sheets from balling up in the dryer. The problem is not with the dryer itself. If it’s a problem with the machine, you will probably notice it firsthand.

It is better to get rid of this problem and prevent it rather than just let it keep on going until it causes damage to the machine or the clothes inside it.

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