Disadvantages of stacking washer and dryer

Disadvantages of stacking washer and dryer. A washing machine and dryer are electrical appliances used in homes and laundry to wash and dry dirty dresses and fabrics.

But problems come when you have to adjust both the items in the laundry room together. You will have to choose the right place for their placement so that you can easily move around the room.

If you are stacking the washer and dryer, then you will have to buy extra rubber mats to make them safe. It will increase the cost also.

Another disadvantage of this is that you will have to hire professional labor to raise the dryer above the washer.

At times, if you are living in a small home, then the placement of a washer and dryer in one place is very difficult because you have very small rooms; only the garage will remain the place where you will have to adjust them carefully to save from rainwater.

Disadvantages of stacking washer and dryerdisadvantages of stacking washer

Stackable appliances are difficult to manage in the laundry rooms.

If you want to adjust the dryer over the machine, then you can not do it on your own because the dryer has a weight of 50 kg.

You will have to take help or hire someone to fix them. Some of the disadvantages of stacking washers and dryers are that why it is worthless to stack the washer and dryer.

Shifting the fabrics

If you have stacked the washer and dryer, then it is difficult for you to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

It is difficult to bend and reach again and again. In, side by side set up of dryer and washer; there is no problem with shifting clothes

But if you want to stack them, first of all, you will have to buy a front loader machine and then need extra efficiency to change the dresses.

It becomes difficult to open the lid of the dryer standing on the ladder when both machines are placed in horizontal order.

Less storage

The stackable washer and dryer are designed in a way that they should take up less space due to which their size is small.

As a result, a smaller capacity of clothes remains to wash and dry due to the small size of the machines. It takes more time.

You can buy machines with more capacity. As a result, they will take up larger space in the laundry room and make it difficult for you to manage them easily.

Danger of falling

It is very important for both the machines that they are stacked in a proper balance. Otherwise, there is always a fear of falling off the dryer.

The dryer is placed over the washer without any support. If there is tumbling to any of the machines, then both might fall onto the floor.

These machines are made up of plastic, so if they fall down, they will change into pieces. You will have to be very careful while washing the dresses if you have set up of stackable washer and dryer.

Difficulty of installation

You know that washers and dryers are stacked to save space in the laundry room. Now it is not difficult to stack a dryer machine into the washer for once.

The difficulty comes when you will have to move both the stacked water and the dryer from one place to another due to any reason.

If you want to purchase a stackable setup of a washer and dryer, then you will have to hire a professional who can install both appliances in the laundry room.

One more thing you can not take away the machines alone from the stairs. You will have to hire labor for this service.

Out of the access

It is very dangerous to reach the control panel of the dryer for a woman, again and again, to give instructions to the dryer.

Climbing on a ladder, again and again, is a tough task for women to do. Stackable machines can save space, but it becomes difficult to use them.


Stackable washers can save space in the laundry room, but it has some disadvantages also, like it is difficult to install them, and it becomes difficult for women to reach the control panel of the dryer from time to time. Due to sudden imbalance, there is a hazard of falling both the appliances.

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