Dometic fridge not cooling

Dometic fridge not cooling. Planning an outdoor picnic for your family or friend is a therapeutic way to forecast your relationship with your loved ones.

One essential preparation of the outside door net is packing a lot of food. And to keep the food fresh, we need refrigerators. And we know that RV refrigerators are made for such situations.

Suppose you are on your trip with a lot of food packed and stored correctly in your RV refrigerator.

But suddenly, you start feeling like your refrigerator is not working anymore, and your food is going down. Ahh, This feels truly frustrating to nerves. It can flow down your mood as well.

Well, in such a situation, we are here to tell you troubleshooting tips that why your RV refrigerator isn’t working in a certain way.

But before that, you need to know that RV refrigerators are not the standard type. They have a different functionality system than the average refrigerator we use in our household.

Functionality Of Rv refrigerators

RV refrigerators function with the circulation among hydrogen gas, water, and ammonia mixture. And the way RV refrigerators go through a cooling process is fascinating.

You will be amazed that RV refrigerators use heat to produce cooling. The heating system in the RV fridge uses an Ammonia mixture and water solution to boil it.

Vapors of ammonia and water mixture come along and start condensing into the liquid. That happens when hydrogen burns into vapors.

And that liquid, later on, converts into the evaporators when hydrogen burns down. Those evaporators start producing the propane that helps the refrigerator system to cool down the dometic rv refrigerator.

If that system stops working, getting back, your cooling unit could cost you a lot of money.

But luckily, you are at the very right place because, in this article, we are going to tell you different causes that why your RV fridge stops working.

Because identification of the problem leads to the solution.

Without any further due, let’s get straight into the guide that you are waiting to fix your RV fridge.

Dometic fridge not cooling – Causes and Solutions

Identification of causes leads to a solution. So we have listed 3 main and common causes that lead to a disturbing Dometic fridge that is not cooling down properly.

Cause 1: Vehicle is not Properly leveled

vehicle is not properly leveled

This problem mainly occurs when the vehicle is not Parked on a leveled surface because the coils which produce heat and convert that heat into the cooling system need a proper level of gravity to function correctly.

So make sure that you are parking your vehicle on a leveled surface.

Cause 2: Dirty Orifice

dirty orifice

The burner orifice is a crucial thing that works in the functionality of the RV fridge.

During constant usage, dirt can make its way onto the orifice.

And that exposure to dirt on the burner will weaken the flame of the burner.

As we know, we definite, proper amount of heating and start cooling refrigerator.

So when the flame reduces, it will Stop producing cooling to the refrigerator, and the refrigerator will end up feeling down.

Cause 3: Not Requiring Enough ventilation

Camping in areas where heat waves occur, the temperature rises over time. Then in such areas ventilation of adequately provided to the Dometic fridges.

Barbie ventilation, we recommend extra ventilating fans along with your van as air circulation is essential for the domestic RV fridge.

Hot air circulation makes things widely invisible, so make sure that you keep your hot air away and install excessive air cooling fans.

Troubleshooting Dometic Fridge on Electricity

troubleshooting dometic fridge on electricity

If your domestic fridge stops cooling and it’s on electricity, there could be two possible reasons.

  • Reason 1: Tripped Circuit Breakers

If your automatic RV fridge works on electricity, the circuit breaker may be somehow tripped.

So you have to Thourougarly check the circuit breaker if something is wrong.

Sometimes tripped circuit breakers are the only cause and fixture that is not letting the RV fridge not cool down.

But if you don’t witness anything wrong with an electric circuit figure, the reason could be something else.

  • Reason 2: Faulty Heating Element

faulty heating element

Yes, if the circuit breaker is not the problem, then the problem client with the heating element, which gets faulty.

You must use a voltage tester to test the heating element. And in case of any Fault, you have the energy to replace the heating element with the new and fresh model.

We do hope that replacing the heating element will possibly fix your RV Dometic fridge.

Samsung fridge demo mode

Troubleshooting Dometic Rv Fridges on Gas

troubleshooting dometic rv fridges on gas

Different reasons lead to a faulty Dometic RV fridge, especially when it is on gas.

  • Reason 1: Blockage in Burner Jet

If the RBC you use is on gas, its main problem can be connected to the burner jet.

Rust can make its way to the burner jet. Dust exposure to the burner Jet will block its functionality.

And it will block the burner Jet system. this block leads to nearly equal to no coolness in the fridge.

Check if burner Jet is at fault or not. If a burner jet is making hurdles in the system, clearing out the rust will be a fixture.

  • Reason 2: Underfilled Gas Pressure

The gas problem could lie because of Less gas pressure, so you have to examine if the gas is filled correctly or if it is coming in an accurate pressure.

If you witness that gas pressure is under failure, refilling it will possibly fix the problem.

  • Reason 3: Dirt build-up in the Pipes

First, what you have to do is to examine the pipe that was used to pass the gas.

Sometimes it can make its way to the bytes and block the way. And that prevents the transmission of gas with the pipes.

If the gas does not reach its destination, the Dometic RV fridge may stop cooling.

Remove the dirt and Debris by using the small and long thin wire. You can use Mini vacuums to fix the job.

Steps to Clean the Rv Fridge Orifice

steps to clean the rv fridge orifice

Cleaning its orifice can solve many problems if something goes wrong with the Dometic RV fridge.

So we have listed 7 steps you can follow in cleaning the RV fridge orifice.

  • Step 1: Shutting Down the Propane

In the very first steps, you have to shut the propane and power down the refrigerator to prevent yourself from any danger.

Shut down all the fridge functionality by closing the gas valve and other components.

  • Step 2: Elimination of the Access Panel

elimination of the access panel

In the second step, all you have to do is to remove the access panel of your refrigerator. But before removing it, you have to locate the access panel.

You can locate it on the rooftop of the refrigerator, or sometimes it is on the back side of the refrigerator.

You can identify it with the shape of the door. Yes, they are designed in the shape of a door protected with knobs.

You must remove the knobs to open them up to access the propane. Use your fingers or flat head screwdriver to stroll around the knobs.

Pull it to open the panel when you feel they are losing.

  • Step 3: Eliminating Wind Cover

After eliminating the panel, you will see many other components of the Dometic RV fridge. one of them will be a wind cover and drip tray that needs elimination.

To remove them, you must remove the bolts securing them. Again you can use an adjustable screwdriver or your hand to open up the knobs.

Fridge compressor running but not cooling

  • Step 4: Disconnection of propane gas line

disconnection of propane gas line

When you eliminate wind covers, you will now be able to locate the propane gas line.

We recommend you eliminate the propane orifice. You can lose only one knob and secure the propane lines.

  • Step 5: Elimination of Burning Assembly

Remember that you are doing this step to remove the burner assembly from your refrigerator.

At this point, you have to ensure that you have loosened up the burner assembly and the orifice which is connecting with it.,

  • Step 6: Cleaning of The Burner Tube

cleaning of the burner tube

At this point, you have to clean the tube and orifice. You can put the orifice and burning tube in the solution like alcohol or vodka.

Well, vodka is not a recommended solution to put all the files in it, but it works wonders as well. Use alcohol and put the orifice in it for 2.5 to 3 hours.

We are sure that instead of putting the orifice in the alcohol will clean the orifice thoroughly.

  • Step 7: Reinstalling the orifice

When you are done cleaning the orifices, then, of course, it is clear that it is ready to use. Now blow out the orifice and put it back in its place.

Suppose you think that how you can blow out the orifice. Then you can use the blower for hair pressure to blow the orifice but make sure that you perform this step with care because it could be dangerous.

Because sometimes, cleaning dirt and Debris that is making its way into the orifice can Break It Down.

Use low pressure, and after blowing out the orifice, it’s time to put it back in its place.

List of most common causes

If your RV refrigerator is not cooling up, the most common causes you need to look at are significant for your consideration. We have written down a list of problems that can identify to stop your RV fridges from cooling.

  • Ammonia leak
  • Faulty control boards
  • Defective components of water Heater
  • Disassembled refrigerator temperature setting
  • Extreme hot weather
  • Extreme electric load
  • failure of electrical power
  • Dirty surrounding air
  • Defective condenser fins
  • Faults in the cooling unit
  • Flawed temperature sensors
  • Buckled refrigerator thermometer
  • Broken evaporator fan
  • Insufficient air circulation
  • Faults in the components that are making the fridge running
  • Negative temperature coefficient
  • Shaddy cooling unit
  • Excessive cooling inside the temperature sensor


Suppose you are unable to go through RV refrigerator problems on your own. Then it would help if you stopped worrying because this is the only guide you need to fix your RV refrigerator.

RV refrigerator failure can affect your family time and destroy the vibe and planning of your outdoor picnic party. So fixing it as soon as possible can protect you from dropping your mood.

So you must look for why your RV fridge behaves a certain way and produces cooling in an RV freezer but not in a fridge. Freezer leaking water into fridge

If your RV refrigerator remains frozen, then dint worry as we are to clear your curiosities and help you get back to your Dometic refrigerator.

We hope the guide we have listed above will help you fix all the problems, ensure your RV refrigerator runs smoothly, and continue your picnic plans with your family.