Fridge compressor running but not cooling

Fridge compressor running but not cooling. Do you want to analyze the actual issue behind the problem created by your power-operated devices? This issue is a ritual of any machine to let you reach a position where you are bound to investigate it.

Have you ever noticed that your fridge compressor is running but not cooling?

There are spattering reasons for that problem; you have to analyze the actual issue and erase that proper In a few cases, you can solve the issue on your own, but the severe condition can indicate the death sentence for your refrigerator.

fortunately, you are spotted at the correct place.

Let’s discover it together.

Fridge compressor running but not cooling
fridge compressor running but not cooling solved

A newbie isn’t aware of the cause behind it; correction of the mistakes requires appropriate knowledge. At the end of this article, you will feel full to the gills. Lol.

Initially, you must look for the electrical outlets, whether they are providing enough power or not.

Also, look for the plugs in the refrigerator if they are on point.

Still, after all, confirmation, if the problem is there, the following explanation might help.

Freezing of the Evaporator Coilsfreezing of the evaporator coils

The refrigerator’s compressor functions, but it doesn’t have a cooling problem because of frozen evaporator coils. Start by checking to see if you can repair this yourself.

Remove the freezer’s lid. You must unplug the refrigerator if they are covered in frost.

The gadget should be left in this position for two days before being removed. Check back in a day or two. Please keep them in the freezer for two days to avoid clogs.

If you are not confident with your DIY method, call or hire a fridge repair expert.

Controls Setting Failure

It’s challenging to keep your most critical belongings safe when you have youngsters in the home. Right? The controls may have been set wrongly by your children if you have any.

Before calling a professional or making an adjustment, you can check that the refrigerator is working.

Check the knobs and digital settings on the entire refrigerator. They influence the refrigerator’s temperature. Maybe you have set that on average; checking all the settings and not getting the desired results will allow you to look for another factor.

Damaged Condenser Fandamaged condenser fan

There is a possibility that the condenser fan is destroyed.

If you cannot hear the compressor’s voice while the door is open, there is an issue with the condenser fan.  A non-running condenser fan is a wrong signal from the thermostat.

This action means that the fan rotates and gets hot but doesn’t assist the compressor in cooling down.

Problem With Evaporator Fanfridge compressor hot but not cooling

Your refrigerator will beep to let you know when the above area is ready. The chirping can be heard from time to time as well.

When you open the freezer, do you hear that sound anymore?

Observation: The freezer fan can be found highly close to the freezer lines. Removing the freezer lid will reveal them.

If the noise is louder, you will need a refrigeration professional. Occasionally, the fan will need to be replaced. When replacing the cover, make sure it is put correctly.

As a result, the refrigerator should now function correctly.

What are the indications of a lousy Compressor?12v fridge compressor running but not cooling

Have you ever been alone in the home and realized some scary noises coming from your kitchen?

It seems like a ghost is here to kill you, but when you go there and check, it’s just the weird noises your refrigerator makes.

Before you turn around and leave, you must consider looking for your fridge, which can be an alarming situation.

The refrigerator’s compressor is one of its most essential components. The compressor will eventually fail, even if it lasts longer than most other parts.

Who knows when that will occur?

If your compressor produces a funny noise, overheats, does not cool down enough, or if is switched on and off too frequently, you know it has failed.


All the problems mentioned above of a fridge compressor running but not cooling will help you resolve the issue within your home. All these problems require easy fixes and don’t demand hiring an expert.

If you find yourself among any of these issues, congratulations, your fridge is excellent; there is no need to replace it.

But if, after checking through all the possible methods, you must check for a repair expert or professional.

Refrigerator Not Cooling – Compressor Troubleshooting and Testing

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