Reset button on electric water heater doesn’t click

Reset button on electric water heater doesn’t click. The water heater is a good appliance to have in the home for warm water in the winter.

If there is a hot water problem from the heater, then the first thing to inspect is its reset button. It is a red color button that is mostly located above the thermostat of the heater.

The main reason behind when the reset button on the water heater does not click properly and trips again is that the thermostat is damaged and there is a fault in it due to which water is getting very hot.

The issue can be in the thermostat of the upper heating element or lower heating element.

If there is loose wiring, then the water reset button on the heater will keep tripping. Some other reasons for not clicking on it are damage to the upper limit switch and less voltage power of electricity in the home.

Reset button on electric water heater doesn’t click

reset button on electric water heater doesn't click

The reset button on the water heater is a protection device that turns off the power automatically when the temperature of the water inside the heater gets too high and raises above the 180-degree Farhenhieghts.

So if it starts clicking or tripping again, then there are many causes behind it.

Following are some of the reasons behind this issue, and it is better to contact a professional plumber to mend the reset button on the water heater.

Fault in thermostat

The thermostat is a device installed in a water heater to manage both heating elements. It controls the upper heating elements as well as the lower heating elements.

The main work of the thermostat in the water heater is to examine the temperature inside the heater. It automatically shuts off the heating elements when the water gets heated too much.

Now the problem starts when the thermostat becomes defective, and it does not stop the heating elements when the water is heated.

The reset button will trip off and does not click when the heating elements keep heating up the water.

If you face the problem that the thermostat is bad, then you will have to purchase a new thermostat because it is not possible to repair a faulty thermostat.

The heating element is short

If the heating element is short then it will not affect the thermostat at the start and will keep doing its work, but if the short is carried on, then it will heat up the water far away than the right temperature. As a result, the high-limit switch will not click. You will have to replace the heating element.

The reset button is bad

In electrical appliances, as with other parts, the reset button can also be bad and damaged with time. It is the reason why it is not performing functionally, due to which it is tripping.

One thing to know is that the reset button is part of the thermostat; if it is this problem, then you will have to change the thermostat.

Wiring issue

wiring issue

Sometimes loose wiring issue is also the reason behind not clicking of reset button.

If the wiring of the heating element is not tight, then it will give rise to heat which results in the tripping of the reset button.

It can also catch up fire due to heat, so always do tight wiring in the home and do not leave loose wires anywhere in the home.

Electricity layout in home

If more than one electrical device is connected to one circuit breaker, then they will increase the load on the circuit breaker, then it will trip off, and the reset button will not click.

So it is better to arrange the proper set up of electricity in the home by hiring an electrician who can adjust the proper set up of electrical appliances.


If the electric water heater is not heating water and tripping the reset button again and again, then the main reason can be a bad thermostat.

Some other reasons behind loose wiring connections in the home and defective heating elements.

If any of the parts of the water heater are damaged, then it can’t be repaired; you will have to replace the bad part by calling an electrician.

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