Water heater thermocouple cleaning

Water heater thermocouple cleaning. Water heaters are the need of the time nowadays. Water heaters are used to heat water.

In winter, we normally use hot water for showers, cooking, and washing. In ancient times people used to warm water on fire in big pots.

Water heaters work on both gas and electricity. Some time ago, there were very large sizes heaters, and they were difficult to fix and maintain because of their large sizes.

More space was needed to fix them in galleries and roofs. This problem is solved now because there are very small electric and gas heaters now which are fixed on the walls in the washroom also.

If during shower or washing pots, lukewarm water is coming, then is some problem in the water heater. The thermocouple is a very important part of the gas water heater as it manages the temperature of water at different levels.

It can be damaged due to rust or exhaust. We can clean it in many ways with no need for replacement.

Water heater thermocouple cleaningwater heater thermocouple cleaning

A gas water heater has different parts for various functions. Tank, pressure release valve, dip tube, heating element, thermocouple, and discharge pipe are some parts of gas heaters.

Water heaters need to be maintained, or else they get dirt stuck in them. This dirt might result in clogging the device and make the appliance not work properly.

There are different kinds of water heaters with or without tanks nowadays. In old gas heaters, there was a large water tank in which water used to take time to heat, but nowadays, tankless water heaters are more preferred because they take no time to warm the water.

Tools for cleaning thermocouples

For cleaning the thermocouple of the gas water heater, we need various tools like an adjustable wrench, woven cloth, elastic cloth, and a small brush.

Switch off the gas supplyswitch off the gas supply

Before you start, unplug the power supply of gas. It is very necessary because it will save you from any fire disaster.

Make sure that whenever you are in contact with electrical or gas appliances, switch off the supply for safety. If there are two valves in the gas heater, then switch off both valves.

Remove the covers of the water heater

The first thing to do is remove the upper cover of the heater. Next, detach and separate the screws of the burner plate and supply line to manage the center.

After this make, disconnection of the thermocouple and pilot power supply tube. If there are any wires or vapor denser, then also disconnect them for safety purposes.

Clean the thermocouple

Now clean both ends of the thermocouple with woven fabric cloth. You can also use steel wool to extract persistent soil present on the thermocouple.

Also, see and remove any rust on the thermocouple or the power wire. Now with the help of an elastic lint-free cloth, wipe the ends of the thermocouple.

As you have opened all things, also clean the burner with the help of steel wool and remove all the litter on it. It will lead you to more effectiveness of water heater.

Reconstruct the water heater

Reattach all parts which you opened one by one. Rejoin all the wires and gas valve of the heater. Now recombine the valve to the burner supply tube and also the pilot supply tube if it is needed.

Reconnect the covers of the water heater and tighten its screws and nuts so that it will be secure..


What is the average life span of the thermocouple?

If it is accurately fitted and maintained well, it can last up to 10 years.

Can we clean the thermocouple of the water heater?

Yes, we can clean it but this must be done carefully and light touch.


If your water heater is not warming water properly or giving lukewarm water, then there are many reasons behind it; one reason could be a stained thermocouple because of rust and other dust.

You can open the water heater and clean the thermocouple for better efficiency of the desired temperature of the water heater.

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