Deebot won’t charge

Deebot won’t charge. The technological world is busy launching inventions almost daily. From the day they invented these robot vacuums, from that day they have been trending for their performance and durability.

There are a lot of vacuums available in the market, but if we compare all of them with deebot, especially regarding price range, then deebot vacuums win the race because they are super reasonable compared with others.

But like all technologies, the device can also get malfunction. as every deebot user. If you are facing a problem with your deebot, it witnesses its high quality, but they also drop the complaint about its charging capabilities.

Won’t charge, then you have to look up the reasons behind it and then go for the solution.

We are here to provide you with the best possible guide that you can follow up to do the fixture process right sitting in the comfort of your home.

The good part is that you don’t need high technical skills to sort this matter out. You just need to follow up with simple steps and some identification processes.

Deebot won’t charge

deebot won't charge

If you are relying on Deebot for cleaning, then it is going to be very frustrating if your Deebot stops charging and you have to immediately look up the identification process.

Here are some problems that you can try to identify the problem along with the solutions.

Step 1: Inspect that Deebot is powered on while charging

First, you have to check the power of the deebot to see if the power is turned on or not. Because this is a bit tricky, you have to make sure that your deebot is powered on because it charges only when it is powered on.

This problem occurs mostly with the new users who just started using deebot, and if you are one of the new users, then make sure that whenever you put your Deebot on a charge, then you turn your deebot vacuum powered ON.

Step 2: Check the  Power Socket

Check whether the power socket is working properly or not because sometimes people usually forget to check the power of the socket that they are using, and instead, they keep on checking up on the charger, so you must attach other appliances with that specific power socket.

Check if other appliances are working properly on that specific socket or not, and if they are working properly, then it means that problem lies in your charger.

If those appliances are also not working on that specific power socket, then there is nothing wrong with the charger or deebot itself, then you have to change the power supply socket that is working properly.

Step 3: Check Deebot connection with Dock

check deebot connection with dock

This problem mainly happened with people that recently started using Deebot as they are not familiar with maintaining the connection of the device with its dock.

The reason for the interruption of the connection between the charger and the dock could be dirt or debris, and simple techniques of cleaning can solve the whole problem.

All you have to do is keep your eyes on the connection between the charger and the dock.

Step 4: Check battery

If you have been using Deebot for a while, then this problem is going to be with your vacuum, and its battery could be discharged.

To get rid of this problem, you have to connect your deebot to the dock and then wait for three minutes and then remove it with your hand.

You have to repeat this process thrice, and then when you are done repeating this process three times, you can charge it normally.


If your Deebot stops vacuuming because of low charging in between the cleaning process and when you go to put up your deebot on a charge, you witness that it is not even charging.

Then it is going to be a frustrating process, and you have to look up the causes that why your Deebot stops working.

In the above article, we have provided some possible solutions that you can look up along with their solutions, and you can do the fixing process at your home without any technical skills.

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