Bushbuddy vs solo stove

Bushbuddy vs solo stove. People who love to go hiking in the mountains and camping in the forest often need stoves to burn the fire to cook the food and heat the cold water of the stream.

They need such portable stoves which burn on woods and bushes. Mostly solo stoves and a bush buddy are used by the people.

Both these brands have lightweight and work efficiently. You can easily pick them because their weight is even less than 1 pound. You can easily get the fuel of both these brands because they burn on the bushes and woods.

Although both these are equally good and reliable yet there are some differences in them also. As the weight of the bush buddy stove is less, and it has some extra qualities and features.

If you want a pocket-friendly and entirely clumsy stove, then you can choose the solo stove. Keep reading this article to get more information about both of these stoves if you are planning to buy a portable stove.

Bushbuddy vs solo stove

bushbuddy vs solo stove

If you want to buy a stove for cooking, then you should consider two factors in mind. It must be light in weight and easily portable from one place to other.

Bush buddy stove and solo stove are very good options to purchase because both have wonderful features.

Here I mentioned the detailed basic features of both the brands.


If you have no experience in purchasing stoves from the market, then it might be difficult to buy a pocket-friendly stove.

The market price of solo stoves is very less than the bush buddy stoves. If you have less budget, then I will suggest you buy solo stoves. It is very cheaper than its competitor.


If you compare the size of both brands, then they are equal in diameter, but the solo stove has more height than a bush buddy.


bushbuddy vs solo stove 2022

As you know that the solo stove is higher than the other, so you can add more fuel from dry bushes to it to burn the fire. If you are traveling with more people, then a solo stove will suit you in this situation.


If you are traveling alone or just with a couple of friends, then the bush buddy stove is best for you because you can take it easily from one place to other because of its lightweight.


It is a controversy between the design of the solo stove and bush buddy. Some people give preference to the bush buddy due to its less height, and some like the solo stove because it can add more fuel to it.

But both have good design wall which is made up of stainless steel.

Solo stoves are made up of 304 stainless steel, while on the other hand, bush buddy stoves are constructed from high-level stainless steel.


You know that the portability of anything depends upon the size and weight of anything.

The same is the case here. It is already described above that the size and weight of the solo stoves are more than the bush buddy stoves.

So know that you can easily move it from one place to another.

Fire ring

fire ring

Both these stoves ensure that the burning ring is used well when it is expanded from the fuel bower.

The air is circulated well due to this feature. Now the main difference comes when you count prongs.

Solo stoves have 3 prongs, while the bush buddy stoves have 4 prongs.

It is a fact that when there are more prongs, then you can easily cook the food because the pan will be more securely placed on the stove.

There is not as such risk of falling off the fan from the stove. So you can give a slighter edge to the bush buddy stoves due to this feature.

Construction material

There is no big difference between the construction material of both brands. High-quality stainless steel is used for their manufacturing.

That’s why they come in the same shape, which sometimes confuses you to make a difference.

Therefore, you can rely on both of these because of the high-quality built material.


The bottom line of the article is that both these brands are excellent to use as stoves. After reading above all points, I am sure now you are not confused about the choice between both.

If you want more features, then you can buy a bush buddy stove, but if your budget is tight, then a solo stove is better for you.

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