Stove keeps tripping breaker

Stove keeps tripping breaker. A stove is a kitchen device that produces heat to cook food. The development of the oven to the stove has proven to be more useful. However, the major work of the stove is cooking food.

There are different types of stoves, but nowadays, in modern kitchens, electrical stoves are used as they are safe and environment friendly.

Electrical stoves use electricity to produce heat. So, sometimes electrical issues arise in an electrical stove, as the breaker might trip because of it. The reasons for that are discussed in this article.

Stove keeps tripping breaker

stove keeps tripping breaker

Stove trips sometimes. This can be caused if the load is much more than it can control. The electric circuit might be faulty. This may be caused due to wrong wiring in the circuit.

The brake of the stove may have gone out of order and is not working at all. The terminal blocks might have been damaged somehow. The witches might have been short, so they cause the breaker to trip for safety.


The reason the stove keeps tripping the breaker can be different. The most popular or common of those reasons are listed below.

Cable being damaged

Faulty wires can be declared as the most common reason for the breaker to trip because of the stove.

The wire of the stove might have been damaged when you accidentally put something heavy on it. Rats in the house also love to chew the wires, so they might cause damage to the wire.

Bugs also might chew the wires.

Plug being damaged

The plug, on the other hand, might have been damaged when something hit it hard. It can be the wall or something. It can be due to the violent use of the plug.

In the plug, the wires might touch each other as it has been damaged. This can cause the short, thus making the plug reason for the short and tripping of the breaker.

Overload of the circuit

All wires have a certain amount of capacity or limit they are rated at. The stove should be used one thing at a time. Like if you are using the stove for baking inside, you should stop cooking on top of the stove.

This is because using both the portions of the stove can draw too much electricity and wires; not being able to bear such eclectic flow can short and cause the breaker to trip.

Manufacturing fault

This is not a common thing in good stoves, as they are mostly in warranty. But the stove having manufacturing fault is not impossible either. The machine manufacturing the stove might have made a mistake.

This can also be caused by shock during the travel to the market. Manufacturing fault might be inboard, so it can draw more current and can cause the breaker to trip.


Although the stoves are made especially for cooking, sometimes the seam might enter the stove while we are cooking or baking. The steam will remain there in the form of moisture.

The moisture can cause the circuit to b short, and the overflow of current will make the breaker trip as well. However, this problem might only arrive rarely.


There are solutions for almost every problem, including one of the switches being tripped because of the wire. Let us give solutions to the above problems briefly.

Solution for damaged wire and plug

solution for damaged wire and plug

The solution for the damaged wire is to tape the wire from where it is damaged and make sure to join the wires. The other methods include replacing the whole wire.

Replacing the wire is more recommended as no faults will occur in that. The same goes for the plug. Just replace the plug, and you will have no reason to worry at all.

Overload of circuit solving

This is also easy to solve as you just need to make sure not to use both portions of the stove at the same time and use the stove after it cools down a bit, making giving it a break sometimes.

Manufacturing fault solution

Well, you do not have to worry about it. Suppose you bought a good stove. It will have a warranty card. You can just take the stove back to them. They will either repair or replace the stove for you.

Moisture solution

Make sure to maintain the stove with time. Clean the stove regularly after use. This will not allow moisture to form on the stove, and you will have nothing to worry about.


Stove keeps tripping breaker. There can be various causes for tripping due to the stove. Just be sure to check everything on the stove now and then for safety.

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