Converting electric stove to gas

Converting electric stove to gas. If you want to convert an electric stove to gas, then you will have to hire an electrician and plumber to do this job. The cost of natural gas is less compared to the electric stove, so it is better to change the stove from electric to gas.

It is not a difficult task to convert the electric stove to gas. For this procedure, the first thing to look at is that either the gas line is present in the home or not.

If the gas line is present, then there will be fewer expenses. If there is no supply of line then first of all, you will have to bring the gas line into the kitchen for the gas stove.

One hundred ten volts are required behind the electric outlet of the stove so the electrition will convert it from 240 volts to 110 volts. It is because gas stoves also require some electric power.

The plumber will make the connections perfectly by making the right pipe so that there are no leakages of gas through broken pipes.

Converting electric stove to gas

converting electric stove to gas

Some of the important reasons behind this are

  • The main reason behind converting the electric to the gas stove is that its charges are less than the electric stove.
  • The prices of gas stoves do not change much over the years, but electricity prices change with time.
  • Gas stoves are more long-lasting as compared with the electric oven.
  • Another thing which the gas stoves are preferred because they cool quickly after cooking while electric stoves take time to cool completely
  • A gas stove gives direct heat when they are turned on, while the electric stove takes time to heat up.
  • As you know, the gas flame has a broad heat range, so you can give variety to your food recipe.
  • One more thing is temperature control; you can control the temperature of a gas stove.

Things to think about

You should consider the following points when you want to change the electric stove to a gas stove in the kitchen.

Gas pipeline

The most important point to think about for this conversion is whether a natural gas pipeline in your area is present or not.

If it is already present in your home for other purposes, then it is very good because it will decrease the cost and other expenditures behind this process.

If it is not present in the home but in the area, then you will have to call the gas authority to issue the gas meter and gas pipeline to your home.

Use of propane as fuel

use of propane as fuel

If the natural gas pipeline is not present in your area, don’t worry because it is still possible to convert the gas stove.

Propane and natural gas are associated fuels, so you can use propane fuel instead of natural gas.

For this purpose, you will need a propane changing kit, a container, and a line to the furnace or stove.

How to convert

  • The parts and relevant material used for this purpose is not at low prices. Its cost is per foot, and many feet of pipes are needed for proper underground fittings of the gas ovens. In any project of gas fittings, security and proper installation are the top preference so that there should be no leakage of gas which can lead to fire hazards.
  • Very professional electrition and plumbers are required for this conversion and installation. This can increase your cost, but safety should be given preference. All the gas stoves use less voltage, so the electrition will decrease the voltage from 240 volts to 140 volts behind the outlet.
  • The next work is related to a professional plumber because he has experience in running a gas pipeline without any leakage. You will have to choose the suitable pipe according to the area building code. After the selection of the right pipe and other materials, the plumber will make a sound connection.
  • In the case of using propane fuel, you will have to get approval from the government and then a plumber who can install the container and run the pipeline.


If you want to save your home from a bad situation, then it is better to convert an electric stove to a gas stove because it is more durable and safe to use.

A gas stove or oven decreases the bill cost also. It is necessary to hire a professional plumber and electrition for sound connections of different parts.

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