Amazon plug blinking red

Amazon plug blinking red. If your amazon plug blinks red light and the device stops working, mostly it is due to a connectivity error.

There are different reasons for the plug blinking red light, like the smart plug cannot connect to your network; the other reason might be those network settings are outdated or wrong.

There should be no physical obstructions between the smart plug and the internet router, so first of all, remove all the physical obstructions between the internet router and the amazon smart plug, and the next thing to ensure is the amazon plug has the correct network information. You can reset the smart plug to fix the issue.

The red light also starts blinking on the amazon plug when you are using outdated software, and the device becomes not able to be discovered.

Read this article to troubleshoot the amazon plug that’s blinking red by yourself before hiring a professional.

Amazon plug blinking red

Amazon smart plugs are very popular in modern homes because they offer a variety of features and reliable quality. However, like any other electrical appliance, they also have some minor problems like red light issues.

The red light starts to blink on the device when there is a connectivity error with the device. If you are having red light issue with the smart plug, then read the below-mentioned points to fix the problem in no time.

Restart the internet router

restart the internet router

When you see a red light that starts blinking on the amazon smart plug, your first step is to restart the internet router.

Press the power button on the router to switch it. Then unplug it from the wall socket for two to three minutes.

After two minutes, replug the router into the outlet and press the power button to switch on the internet modem.

Sometimes the problems are solved just by restarting the router because electronic glitches can stop the wifi signal from broadcasting, and just power cycling the device fixes the trouble and stops the red light blinking on the smart plug.

Reset the smart plug

reset the smart plug

If you see the red light still blinking on the smart plug after restarting the internet modem, then the next option is to reset the smart plug.

First, plug the smart plug into the active wall outlet. Press and hold the switch of the spark plug until the red light starts flashing on the device.

Do not drag your hand until the red light turns blue. When you see the red light turned into blue light, it indicates that your amazon spark plug is successfully reset.

Check the wall outlet

check the wall outlet

The electrical power is connected to all parts of the home through wall outlets, so if you see the red light blinking on the plug and it is not responding, then confirm the electric current in the wall outlet.

Try to insert the smart plug in some other socket in the room to check whether the wall outlet is creating issues or its internet connectivity issue.

Check internet connectivity

check internet connectivity


If the red light starts blinking in the spark plug, check the internet connectivity. You can ensure it by checking the wifi signals on your smartphone.

If the wifi signals are coming on your smartphone properly, then there is an issue with the smart plug.

Still, if the smartphone also has an internet connectivity error, then you need to wait for the proper internet connection on the internet modem.

Outdated software

Red light also starts to flash to inform you about pending software updates, and It’s essential to keep updating the device to keep it functioning properly. So, immediately update your smart plug to stop the red light.

Out of range

out of range

Always insert the amazon smart plugin at that outlet that is close to the internet modem.

If you fix the smart plug out of range, like more than 6 feet away from the internet modem, then the red light will start blinking on the plug to inform you about the connectivity issues.

So, bring your amazon plug close to the router so that the device easily catches the signals without any physical obstructions.

Software problem

Sometimes, the red light begins to blink on the amazon plug due to a glitch in the software that can be fixed just by restarting the device.


My final words in this article are that the red light always blinks on Amazon smart plug when something is wrong with the plug or router.

Red light usually indicates the connectivity issue with the plug, so always make sure to plug in the plug close to the internet router and ensure the internet connection to the device by keeping it within the range of 6 feet from the router.

I am hopeful this blog post will help you in fixing this problem without hiring some professional help.

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