Amazon plug blinking red

Amazon plug blinking red. Amazon smart plugs are very famous nowadays because they have made our life easier and more comfortable. You can manage and control your appliances with smartphones through these smart plugs.

Many people use these smart plugs in their houses and offices to perform different tasks like temperature control on their HVAC system and cooking with small smartphone touch.

But, if your amazon plug blinks red, then most people start worrying because of the red light triggering on the smart plug.

Dont worry because every electrical device starts to malfunction, but the important is that you should deal with it properly through troubleshooting.

The most common reason why the amazon smart plug starts to blink red when it is out of range from the hub. So it’s important to make sure all the connections, including the hub, are not out of range.

Keep reading this post to find different solutions when your amazon smart plug starts blinking red.

Amazon plug blinking red

The red light also starts blinking red when the electric appliance connected to the plug gets more electric power. In this case, you have to remove the plug from the socket without any waste of time.

The red light starts blinking on the smart plug when there is a problem with the plug, so don’t ignore it.

Sometimes a minor issue can lead to a high disaster in the home especially related to the power. If you are wondering how to fix the red light blinking on the smart plug, then follow these steps.

Soft reboot

soft reboot

Amazon smart plugs are very easy to use because you can operate the connected appliance with just small hand touch on your mobile phone.

However, if teh red light is blinking on the smart plug, then it is alarming to you to check the plug immediately.

Normally, it is not dangerous, and the red light starts blinking due to small errors and software glitches. But you don’t need to ignore it and pull out the plug from the electric outlet for a few minutes.

After a few minutes, plug in the smart plug in the power source and see if the red light is still flashing on the plug or if it is off.

If there is no technical error, then hopefully, your amazon smart plug is absolutely fine after rebooting the plug.

Reconnect with an internet router

If rebooting the smart plug does not turn off the red light, then reconnect it with the internet router. The red light also blinks on the amazon smart plugs when it is failed to be searched by other devices.

First, you restart your router and then reconnect the plug with it.

Weak internet signals disconnect the smart plug with an appliance and smartphone, so always place the router at that place in the home where there is easy access for each smart device to the router.

Change the wall socket

If you have already tried rebooting the plug and also reconnecting with the wifi internet connection and still it does not turn off the red light, then the next step is to change the wall socket.

Wall sockets are the main source to transfer the electric current to the plugs, so if it becomes faulty due to loose wires or a short circuit in the wiring, then your plug will not get power.

Plug in the smart plug in another outlet in the same room or another part of the home to confirm the outlet is faulty or something wrong with your plug.

Expired software

If you live in a smart home and you have so many smart devices in the home, then you must be familiar that keep updating the smart devices is very necessary.

If you have not updated the smart plug software and there is a pending update, then the red light will start flashing on the plug. Amazon prime sound issues

So, its simple solution is to open the smart plug app on your smartphone and update the pending software to turn off the triggering red light.

Broken plug

If you see the red light continuously blinking on the smart plug, then disconnect it from the acceptable and check for any sign of damage.

These plugs are made up of plastic, so if they fall on the marble floor, then they are damaged so if you see any broken sign on the plug, then it’s better to replace it with a new plug.

Move router place

move router place

If the problem is still there, then change the router place and bring it close to the smart plug. There should be a minimum 5 meters distance between the smart plug and the router for a stable internet connection.

If there is an internet connection issue, then power cycle your modem. Amazon Fire Stick Not Loading Home

Signals speed also drops on smart devices when you connect more than five devices with one internet modem, so you have two options either you increase your internet package plan or decrease the devices connected to one modem to improve the signal strength.

Factory resettings

If the red light blinking on the smart plug issue is still not resolved, then your last option is to factory reset the smart plug.

It’s not complicated how to factory reset the smart plug. Locate a button on the smart plug and long press it for 20 seconds, and release it.

The red light blinking on the smart plug will turn blue to inform you the resetting is done. Now, open the Alexa app on your smartphone and repair the smart bulb with the app.


The last thoughts on this article are if you have a smart plug in your home and red light blinking on it, then don’t take it easy because it triggers you to inform you something is wrong.

By the way, in this article, I almost explained almost all the reasons and troubleshooting solutions to turn off the red light blinking on the amazon smart plug because, in most cases, the red light turns off just by reconnecting the device with an internet connection and changing the wall outlet without calling the technical support. Amazon fire stick keeps restarting