Alexa won’t turn on

Alexa won’t turn on. If you have Alexa smart device in your home, then it’s great because it provides you with many smart options like listening to music, asking for time, setting the alarm, reporting the weather, and many more smart options.

You can give just a voice command to ask the time and play the music, but like other smart devices, it is not exceptional to become faulty because if you do not take care of it and protect it from dust and debris, then it creates many issues.

The most common issue with the Amazon Alexa device is not turning on. Well, if you are here in this post, it means your Alexa device is also not turning on but don’t worry and relax because you are in exactly the right place.

The first thing to check whenever your Alexa smart device is not turned on is its adapter because if you do not insert the Alexa power adapter in the wall socket correctly. Keep reading to learn more prominent causes of this issue.

Alexa won’t turn on

Nowadays, Alexa smart devices are used in many homes because of their smart features and Alexa voice support.

But, sometimes, the Alexa device does not turn on for many reasons, like no current in the wall socket or the device not being plugged into the power socket. Without any delay, let us discuss all possible causes and their solutions for why Alexa won t turn on.

Alexa blue light spinning

Check the power adapter

check the power adapter

When you plug in any electrical device, then it’s essential to insert the power adapter tightly in the wall acceptable or socket.

If the Alexa device is not turning on, then recheck the power adapter because there are maximum chances that the cord is not plugged into the outlet.

When you insert the adapter in the outlet, then place the device close to the socket so that the cable does not become loose.

If the power adapter is plugged in but still the device not switching on, then check the power adapter because if it is damaged, then the electric current will not pass from the socket to the Alexa smart device.

If the power cable is tangled or damaged, then replace the faulty wire with a new quality power cable to turn on the device.

Check the wall socket

check the wall socket

If there is nothing wrong with the power adapter, then the next step to check is the power source or wall socket.

If there is no electric current transferring towards the device, then obviously it will not turn on, so its simple solution is to plug in the smart device in some other outlets in the home.

Ring floodlight keeps turning on and off

If the Alexa turns on after plugging in the power adapter in another outlet, then it means the previous socket is damaged or burnt out due to overloading or a power surge in the circuit.

Incompatible power adapter

If your old power adapter is damaged and you have replaced it with a new one, then you must purchase a compatible charger because if you purchase an uncertified charger to charge the Alexa device, then it may not turn on.

So, wheater you buy it from the market or online from the Amazon store, make sure the new charger is not fake, and it will be compatible with your device.

If you go for a universal power charger, then it’s your luck because some universal chargers work efficiently, while some universal adapters do not charge some devices.

You know well that Alexa’s device is not rechargeable, and you have to plug in the device full day and night to work, so your best bet is always to purchase a high-quality power adapter to transfer current to the Alexa.

Gosund Smart Plug Setup

If you save some dollars and buy a low-quality power adapter, it will immediately heat up and damage your device.

Damaged circuit board

damaged circuit board

Every electrical device has a circuit board whose job is to receive the electric current from the socket and transfer this power to other parts of the device to work.

Its the most important component of the device because it ensures the electric current is properly flowing to all circuits of the smart device.

So, if the circuit breaker is damaged, then your Alexa smart device won’t turn on because the component does not receive the electric current.

The circuit board is usually damaged due to water and power surge in the circuit. So, don’t use your Alexa device in the rain, and keep your device away from the water source.

If your device circuit board is damaged due to any reason, then, unfortunately, you can not repair or replace it in the device because it is a very complex unit. You need to consult with a proper skillful electrician.

Dirty speaker power port

dirty speaker power port

A dirty speaker power port is also one of the big reasons for the Alexa does not turn on. It’s important to place your device in such a part of the home where it is protected from dust accumulation.

You may not be aware, but a dirty speaker power port can also cause your device not to turn on.

When there’s a lot of dirt and dust on the power port, it can prevent the Device from receiving sufficient electrical power and cause the device not to turn on.

In the same way, if you are not using your Alexa device and going out of the home for some days, then do not place the device at a random place after unplugging it from the socket because dust can easily accumulate in the device port, causing the device not to turn on.

Its simple solution is to keep cleaning the speaker power port regularly and if you are using the device after some time, then clean all the devices and then try to plug in the power adapter to switch on the device.

Factory Reset the Device

If the above troubleshooting tips do not work and still your device is not turning on, then before you call the customer care center to take further guidelines, perform the factory reset to the Alexa smart device.

There are two ways to factory reset the device; First way is to reset the device through the Alexa device app on your smartphone or tablet. The second method is to factory reset the Alexa through the device.

Keep in mind one thing before factory resetting the device it will wipe all the previous settings, data, and what-to-do list from the device, and you will have to connect the device again.

So, always do the factory reset if all the above options do not work and you have no other option?

Follow these instructions to factory reset your Alexa smart device through the Alexa app

  • Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone.
  • Navigate to “Devices.”
  • Tap the “ Alexa” icon.
  • Choose a preferred device.
  • Click “Factory Reset.”
  •  Click “Confirm” to start factory resetting.


The last thoughts on this post are Alexa smart devices are excellent to have in your home because you can perform many tasks through them, but in the same way, its also necessary to use them carefully, like always plugging in the quality adapter in the working power source to turn on the advice.

Do not allow the dust to accumulate in the charge port because if the dust and debris gather, the device will not turn on. If you are not using the device, then unplug it from the outlet and keep it in a safe and clean place. Best led light bulbs consumer reports