Adding a shower to a half bath

Adding a shower to a half bath. In this rapidly developing and progressing century, getting a home is already tough. If you get one, feel lucky because with the population growing at a faster rate, it has become a nightmare for people to get a house.

Sometimes, you get a house that is compromised, like having half baths. With a big family, if you have one, or with the guests, if you are a social freak, it becomes really hard to adjust.

As the half baths don’t have a shower, and there might be a line of family members waiting for their turn outside the single bathroom in your house, when you are in a hurry in the morning, getting late for your job, it becomes a grave problem.

Managing time with a single bath in your house becomes really tiresome. Thus, the idea of converting your half bath into a full one will be staggering and incredible.

Adding a shower to a half bath

adding a shower to a half bath

Half baths are a convenient part of your house as they don’t occupy much space and are easily accessible. But their only defect or demerit is that they don’t have a bathtub or shower.

It is a good chance to convert your half bath into a full-fledged bath.

That might be the best thing you’d do with your house, and it is an innovative addition to complete your house with more than a single bath.

Thus, adding a shower or a bathtub to your half bath will make it more convenient for you. Especially if your guest room has a full bath, it will be much better, as your, as well as their privacy, would not be affected. What else do you want?


The implementation of a shower in your half bath is a relatively gradual process. It can take weeks or up to a month. It isn’t as easy as it seems.

Takes a whole process of renovation, implementation, and much work of plumbing. There is sometimes a little destruction and recreation.

The pipeline, the separation or partitioning, and the implementation of new sanitary articles. It takes a lot of time to do stuff like that.

Applying a shower starts with keeping in view the various aspects. According to my calculation given below, you should keep in mind these points if you plan on putting up a shower in your half bath.

Come with your pockets full

come with your pockets full

Hah! that’s a joke, but if you want to apply a shower in your half bath, then the average cost for this whole job is about 4000$-30,000$. Yes! It’s a bit costly but a one-time job and helps you for years.

The initial investment will come in handy for the upcoming years and will be quite a convenience. The basic expense comes with the shower implementation part.

This is the most costly part of this complete endeavor. If I tell you honestly, the expense of this job greatly depends upon the level of renovation you want to do.

The application of a combination of a bathtub along with the shower is quite a cheaper and better option. Then comes the shower; the application of just a shower with the glass panels without the frames is a high price and costly project and needs more work and time.

Beginning with the preparations

The grand day when you start this job will be quite exciting as you venture into the half bath you have, converting it into a full one by applying a shower.

Having a new addition to your house is always a good thing. But you just need to get prepared. Keep this thing in your mind before starting.

  • To make it convenient for the workers, clear the bathroom and remove everything that is inside, for example, soaps, towels, and other toiletries.
  • Remove any rugs or mats on the way to your bathroom. You don’t wanna ruin your luxury carpets or that Persian rug you just bought.
  • If possible, place some old towels or old rugs on the way to the bathroom so that you don’t get your floor damaged by the dirt of workers’ boots.
  • Move any furniture that hinders the implementation job for the workers.

Demolishing and renovation

demolishing and renovation

Well! Of course, there will be demolishing of some walls or parts of the half bathroom while setting up a shower. The area might already be crowded or must be very narrow.

To enhance the area of your half-bath in order to implement a shower, some portion of your room that isn’t in use might be added to your bathroom.

The walls must be abolished then, and later, you can utilize the space you’ve created to put on the shower set-up.

The shower application comes with the fact that pipelines should be drawn for hot water and cold water to the shower. Without the water, how else do you plan on taking a shower?

Another thing to keep in check is whether all the taps and water sources or electricity sources and sockets are properly shut off.

There might be a slippery surface due to the water or a wire hanging with electricity flowing, which, my friend, will not have good consequences. So, safety first.

How long will it take? Good question

adding a shower to a half bath 2022

It literally depends on your plans whether you want to go through a full renovation after applying the shower, or it’s just the shower you wanna add and change the other sanitary sometime later.

If, along with the shower, you want to make partitions or put a bathtub with a shower, it “will” take time. Moreover, the major headache will be the plumbing lines which are a little bit of a concern.

The estimated time, as I already mentioned, is about 2-3 weeks, or it may last up to a month or so.

Final touches to the bath

Proceeding with the completion of the process and giving the final touches to your bathroom, you just need to do some cleaning and redecoration.

If you think you can afford it, the idea of changing or upgrading your sink or cabinets is totally mesmerizing. Giving a new look to your new ‘not so half but a “full” bathroom’ now will be great.

Place back anything you took out of the bath earlier. You are good to go.


Adding a shower to a half bath. Having a half bath in your house is better as it comes up with many pros, but the cons of not having a shower can be big trouble.

But creative minds of this planet are still alive and have derived a way to solve this problem by proposing the idea of putting up a shower in your half-bath.

It isn’t that hard, you know; you just gotta save some for getting this plan of yours to turn into practical work.

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