How to replace moen shower cartridge

How to replace moen shower cartridge. A shower cartridge is made for the control of the water in the shower. When this gets worse, then you have to replace that cartridge with the other.

This cartridge is very easy to separate and join as this has a very easy process, and you have to do it on your own you do not have a need for any other person who helps and appropriately guide you.

Here one thing that is necessary for you is attention; you have to do the work with your full attention. This is a very easy process, and here I am going to tell you about that process.

How to replace moen shower cartridge

how to replace moen shower cartridge

Here is the procedure for replacing the Moen shower cartridge; you have to follow the given steps, and then you have to succeed in the mission on which you are going to work.

There are some steps that can help you to open the cartridge valve and set it, and this takes a little bit of time, and you can come to complete the procedure; the procedure is given below:

1) Turn the shut-off valve

Here the first thing is that you have to turn the shut-off valve, and the supply of water is going to close the water does not now flow from the taps or the shower, and you do not have to worry about it.

The water now does not flow and does not disturb you when you are working.

Here you can use the safety-based material for your safety and protect yourself from the dirty water that may contain some type of corrosion type material. i.e., your eyes or the other parts of your body.

2) Remove that handle

When you have closed the water supply, then you have to remove that handle that is not working, and you can not remove it by using your hand effort. You have to remove it with the help of the tools.

These tools are the screwdriver and the other that is used for the opening of the tightened materials and also for their closures.

Here also, you have to take the screwdriver and start opening the handle of the faucet that you want to replace.

Here is the big screw that is used for the tightness of the faucet. You have to remove that screw and open the faucet to proceed next to your work.

3) Clean the shower from the handle

clean the shower from the handle

You must have to clean the shower that is from the inside and try to clean it according to your needs because there is old material that remains.

Then there is the chance that your shower valve will get demolished if you do not clean it by using any type of material that is good for its cleaning.

It is important to remove the clip that contains the material which is harmful to you, and then you have to restore it. If you do not do this work, then you are the reason for any crash in the valve.

You can also clean the material that is creating dirt on the outside of the shower, there is maybe the limescale and the other dirt that is mostly found in the bathrooms, and you have to remove them by using different products and also some homemade things.

4) Install the new cartridge

After the cleaning process, you should try to install the new cartridge instead of the old one at the place from where you have removed the old worse cartridge.

As I have told you that you have to work with full attention and then install this as the old valve was placed, and you may also take a pic of that valve that is an old ad placed as default.

You have to put the new valve according to the old valve.

5) Place the clip back

Here you have to place the clip back into the cartridge that you have removed from the shower when you are cleaning the shower, and then you need the clip the prevention the water fore that is used to push the cartridge.

Here you have to reinstall the clips and all the other components removed from the shower and then slide all the components and set them all according to your faucet handle.

6) Turn the water supply on

how to replace moen shower cartridge 2022

Here you have to turn the water supply on please don’t forget to turn the water supply on. If you do not turn the water supply on, then the water does not start flowing from the faucets and the shower.

When the connection of the water is restored, then you have to turn the shower on and see if there is any problem.

Then you have to set it as before the ending and gather all the things that you use for the connection and the reinstallation of the faucet or the cartridge. How to replace the moen shower cartridge.

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