Shower drain leaking through ceiling

Shower drain leaking through ceiling. The shower drain is starting to leak from the ceiling, and many reasons enforce the ceiling to leaking is the drainage of the water.

The water starts leaking due to many reasons you have to search all the reasons and try to fix the problem.

The problems are due to some broken thing, or there is any crack in the shower or the ceiling. The reasons behind the shower drain leaking through the ceiling are given below:

Shower drain leaking through ceiling

shower drain leaking through ceiling

There are many reasons behind the shower leaking, but some of them are discussed below:

Broken pipe

Here the problem is maybe the pipe that carries the water is broken when the pipe that carries the water is broken, then there should be water that starts dipping, and this creates moisture.

The ceiling started dripping like here the pipe is not leaking the ceiling started leaking you have to clear the issue that is with the pipe, and the ceiling then does not get moist, and the environment remains clean.

Here the leakage may occur when you have turned the shower on, but t the same time you turn the shower that it is on, it does not allow the water to pass through it.

When the water is coming out from the pipe, but you insist on stopping, then the water may cause a blockage in the way, and the water goes back, but the pressure does not allow it to go back. Look at these actions. The water makes its way and starts leaking from the ceiling.

Shower base is broken

The shower starts leaking if there is any problem with the shower base, and the shower base does not allow the water to pass through the right way when it is broken or turned.

The base is the main thing that works, and the shower start working, and if there is any problem with the base, it also disturbs the whole working of the shower, and when the base through the water to the back, then the pipe does not allow the water to go back, and this water starts leaking from the shower.

The water pipes are mostly designed to come from the walls, but sometimes you have to take them from the floor or the ceiling, and when there is any problem with the supply or the shower base and the other things, then the ceiling starts leaking.

And then you have the necessary need to repair the problem because the leakage of the water is not good it creates a mess for you, and this is a very bad thing.

Drains are clogged

drains are clogged

Here maybe the problem is not with the showed that the problem is maybe with the supply of the water, and this problem may not be big, but you have to resolve it.

Because if the problem gets large, then you have to face the problem that is may not be solved easily after that problem.

You may change the whole ceiling because the water may damage or leaks the ceiling, or you maybe need to change the whole water supply because if the water is not reaching the destination, then it may damage or leaks the pipes also.

You have to clear out the drains of the pipes because the water may over leak from the pipe and the ceiling gets wet, and then it also damages the ceiling due to the over leaking or dripping. When the water starts dripping in the ceiling, then the ceiling also starts dripping, and this is the problem.

Plumbing is not properly maintained

The plumbing may not properly be maintained, there is a problem with the plumbing that forces the water to leak from it and goes to enter the ceiling, and the ceiling also starts dripping, and this dripping is that problem which you need to solve.

The plumbing problems include broken pipes and also the leaking pipes, or maybe the pipes get loose, and these all are the things are problems that need a solution.

You have to repair these issues as soon as possible because if you delay them, they can damage the areas and also the things above the limit that are not soluble for you. So try the solutions very soon, and this is very good for you.


Shower drain leaking through ceiling. Here above all the given reasons that are behind the Shower drain leaking through the ceiling.

By guessing all these reasons, you have come to know the solutions which are suitable according to the given problem or the given reasons.

I hope so this article is helpful for you and you take the benefit from it and apply this is your domestic problems to come to know the reasons and also their solutions.

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