Accidentally removed asbestos tiles

Accidentally removed asbestos tiles. Asbestos tiles were fixed in the old homes to give an extra touch to your floor, but if now you are planning to remove asbestos tiles, then be careful because it is a latent danger.

There are proper ways and techniques to remove asbestos tiles; if you accidentally remove them, it can be the starting point of various medical conditions.

It was influential in separating the asbestos tiles, but now it is different. It is essential to ensure that the asbestos tiles linked with old vinyl floor tiles do not scatter.

It is suggested that everyone not even think about removing the asbestos tiles by yourselves because it is hazardous, so always hire skillful professionals to remove them.

However, if you have accidentally removed asbestos tiles, immediately leave the place to save yourself from toxic air, and do not come into the area until all the air is escaped or out.

If you have removed only one tile or two tiles, don’t worry because it is a bit of a health danger. Keep reading this guide to learn what to do if you fortuitously remove asbestos tiles.

Accidentally removed asbestos tiles

Asbestos was a vital component of the old vinyl floor tiles. It is perilous to remove them, but if you are willing to remove them, always hire a professional and safety kit before you begin your job.

I suggest you don’t remove the asbestos tiles; your best bet is to fix new tiles on the old floor to protect yourself from mesothelioma. Without delay, let’s read what you should do if you accidentally remove asbestos tiles.

Test the tile

test the tile


If you are remodeling your old home and planning to change the old fashion asbestos tiles floor with a new design floor, then do not try it on your own because it is dangerous.

But, as mentioned in the article, if you are here to search for a solution, it means you have accidentally made the mistake of removing the asbestos tiles without any safety measures.

First, open all doors and windows to escape the poisonous air from the room.

If you have removed these tiles, don’t worry because it is not sure whether these tiles are asbestos files or they are made from some other material that is not dangerous.

So, test your tiles for asbestos material. You can test your tiles with various methods. If you keep removing tiles, stop your work, do not allow anyone to go in that room, and immediately test the tile by taking a sample.

If you have a home asbestos test kit available in the home, then there is no need to waste money by checking the tile from a laboratory.

Use the kit to test the tile, send the sample, and mail it to a laboratory. The laboratory will test the tile and inform you whether these tiles contain asbestos or whether these tiles are regular tiles and not made up of dangerous material.

If the laboratory reports that these tiles are not asbestos tiles, carry your work and remove the tiles without any risk. If the laboratory test reports that these tiles are asbestos tiles, follow the below points to what to do in this situation.

What to do

If the accidentally removed tiles contain asbestos, then stop your work and leave the toxic air out. Asbestos particles are not heavy, but if you compare them with air, then they are lighter than air, and they will stay in the area for a long time.

If the lab test report confirms that the tiles you have accidentally removed are asbestos tiles, hire a licensed company for what to do to know about the prevailing asbestos tiles particles.

Methods to cover

methods to covers


If you are remodeling your home, then there is no need to rip off asbestos tiles and install the new tiles on the old floor without removing the old tiles.

It does not make any change because tiles’ width sizes are usually very small, and one can judge that you have installed the new tile on the old floor.

Installing the new floor on the old tile will also minimize the extra cost that you will pay to the professional to remove the old floor because you can not rip up the asbestos tiles without safety measures, and only a licensed company can do such type of work with safety kits and tools.

If you have no plans to remove all the asbestos tiles because you accidentally removed just five tiles, then the best thing to cover the floor is the carpeting floor.

Different varieties of carpets are available in the market, so it’s up to your choice and budget what type of carpet you want to place on the asbestos tiles.

If the old asbestos tiles were installed in the basement room, do not use a fiber pad to shield asbestos. You can install a rubber-based carpet pad on the basement asbestos floor.

If you want to hide the asbestos tiles permanently, then the simple solution is to tile over asbestos tiles with other tiles, and the best tiles to install on the floor are ceramic tiles to hide old ones. But, make sure that the new tiles are not so thick.

Hire an expert

hire an experts


Some people think installing the new tiles on the old floor is not suitable.

So, in this case, don’t try to pull out the old asbestos tiles by yourself because it is extremely risky to your personal health to rip off the tiles without safety measures.

Contacting with asbestos removal company and hiring an expert for this work because it needs a lot of special tools and techniques.

If you are conscious about your health, then don’t try this on your own and leave it to the experts.


The final thoughts on this article are if you accidentally removed asbestos in your room, don’t get anxious.

Leave the area immediately to avoid inhaling the dangerous air from asbestos tiles to create health issues. Dont compromise on your health to save money; hire a skillful professional to remove the tiles.

But before you hire someone to remove the tiles, your first job must be to test the tile sample in a lab to confirm whether these tiles are dangerous are not.

If the test report shows that these tiles are asbestos and very toxic to health, cover them with suitable carpet, or your best bet is to fix ceramic tiles on them without removing them.

But if you want to get rid of the asbestos tiles floor, always hire licensed abatement professional.

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