How to clean shower tiles without scrubbing

How to clean shower tiles without scrubbing. Oh! So, you fell on your tiles today during a bath because of the slippery nature of them? Do you know why this is so and the reason behind the gross tiles?

Yes, it is improper cleaning or the debris left behind. Shower tiles can become dirty and grimy over time. They can give the shower a disgusting look and feel.

There are several homemade and store-bought methods to clean shower tiles with minimal effort and get maximum results quickly and easily.

There are several methods following clean shower tiles without Scrubbing by which the problem can be solved leaving behind clean tiles.

A vile shower is both a health hazard and a home to tons of germs and infections. This situation in any part of the house is unacceptable, let alone the frequently used place.

How To Clean Shower Tiles Without Scrubbing: Methods?clean shower tiles without scrubbing

A few of the ways to clean shower tiles are listed below.

Baking Soda

One of the most commonly used methods is the use of baking soda. This method is effective and cost-effective. It provides results on a budget. You can use the baking soda on its own with warm water or with some other components (mentioned later).

Both of the above ways have proven to work exceptionally.

Simply make a paste of baking soda with water. The thick consistency is ideal. Then apply that paste all over the desired areas and leave to make the baking soda work.

This removes unwanted stains and odors alike.

Vinegar and baking sodavinegar and baking soda cleaning

You can use baking soda along with vinegar for cleaning tiles too. One can remove soap accumulation and dirt stains easily with this method.

Apply baking soda and water paste on the stained tiles, as mentioned formerly.

Then add a few drops of vinegar all over to facilitate the process. Let it sit until all the bubbles die down, and remove the dirt. Clear the floor and keep it dry for future ease.

Vinegar and Dishwashing soap

Another easy and effective concoction made with household products is the mixture of vinegar and dishwashing soap. The vinegar quickly absorbs all the dirt, stains, and scum and cleans everything efficiently. The vinegar and detergent are to be mixed in equal amounts and warmed.

Then once they are put in a spray bottle, they are ready to use. You can spray the prepared solution over the shower tiles to spark new tiles.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Water

Hydrogen peroxide is also a cheap and easily found product for cleaning shower tiles. It is to be mixed with two parts of water and sprayed generously.

This method will leave the shower tiles clean and peachy. The mixture should be left to sit for about 30-40 minutes and then cleaned off.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking soda/ Boraxhydrogen peroxide and baking soda: borax

Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixed in equal amounts is also effective way to remove the grout stains. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide and borax are great cleaning products and should clean tiles when nothing else has worked satisfactorily. Though time-consuming, this method provides good results.

Firstly, the borax is to be sprinkled for a few hours and then hydrogen peroxide over those same tiles for a few additional hours. Wash with warm water and dry.

Bleach and Baking Soda

Apply the mixture of bleach added to baking soda and apply it to the tiles. Let them dry and then wipe off. Rinse and keep tiles dry.


Accumulation of soap, dirt, grime, and other substances can smell and make the shower unhygienic. You can solve this issue by using the above methods.

We hope you find our guide on ‘how to clean shower tiles without scrubbing’ effective and helpful in removing stubborn stains from your tiles.

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