Xfinity cable box not working

Xfinity cable box not working. If you are facing the issue of the Xfinity cable box not working, it is not a rare case. Suppose you hardly find small free time for enjoyment and relaxation from the busy routine of your life.

You decide to watch your favor or TV show on your TV and lay on your couch waiting for the movie to start.

But you get surprised after seeing a no-signal statement on your Xfinity cable TV box. It must be frustrating, especially when you don’t know the reason behind it.

If you are facing the same situation, we can comfort you by saying that troubleshooting the Xfinity cable box is not rocket science while following our instructions.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons for the Xfinity cable box not working and the solutions by attempting different restarting and factory resetting. Let’s get started.

Xfinity cable box not working

Troubleshooting Methods

Suppose your Xfinity cable box is not working. In that case, there must be a problematic power supply, loose cable connection, wear-out cord, or might be some temporary glitches or errors that need to be fixed to resolve the issue.

Check the Flick On

check the flick on

It might be silly, but it could be possible that you forget to flick On your TV and cable box. Locate the power button of your Xfinity cable box to turn it on.

The location of the power button varies from each other depending on the model. Check the indicating lights to ensure that the device is running.

Like the cable box, you must ensure that your TV is turned on from the power button and the remote control.

You may check the LED lights to ensure the devices are turned on. After clearing this step, you may proceed to the next.

Inspect Power Failure

inspect power failure

The next thing that you have to check is a continuous power supply.

If there is any problem with the power supply, then it might be possible that your Xfinity cable box is facing electricity issues.

Without a continuous power supply, it’s not possible to maintain a proper signal for transmitting to TV. So you must inspect the physical damage on the cable.

Make sure that the cable is firmly connected to the power socket. Use a multimeter to test the voltage reading.

Check The Port

check the port

Another reason that might be the culprit of not working your cable box is the wrong HDMI port. Ensure that your cable box is attached to the HDMI IN port of the TV.

Suppose you have unintentionally attached the cable box cord to the HDMI output port.

In that case, receiving the signals from the cable box is impossible as an output HDMI port is used to transmit signals to other devices attached to the TV.

Reattach The HDMI Cable

reattach the hdmi cable

Another tip that can resolve the problem is reattaching the HDMI input cable. Detach both ends of the cable and wait for a few minutes. Reattach it and check whether it’s for you or not.

Check The TV Input Source

If you have checked all the physical connections and condition of the cords and ports, you must check the TV in the port source setting.

If you have to choose the wrong input source, you may experience the not working cable TV box. To ensure the input source, you may follow the steps given below.

You may navigate TV settings. Choose the Source option and then HDMI. You may also change the input settings from the remote by hitting the input or source button and when going with the optional HDMI.

Xfinity Cable Box Restart Methods

xfinity cable box restart methods


If your Xfinity cable box is not working, you may try to restart the device to fix the issue. It will make your system refresh.

Most of the appliances fix their temporary errors and bugs by doing a restart. You may also try restarting your Xfinity cable boxes to resolve their issue of won’t working.

Here we will explain different methods of restarting your device. You may attempt one of those you find suitable.

  • Restart Xfinity Cable Box Via Power Button

The first way to make your Comcast cable box restart is by using the power button. Go through the steps in a sequence to get proper results.

So, firstly it would be better to turn off your streaming device. Then, you must access the power button on your Xfinity cable box.

You may hit the button and release it after almost 10 seconds. The simple step will start restarting your cable box.

  • Restart Xfinity Cable Box Via Help Menu

The following way uses the help menu Xfinity cable box option to restart the device. Here is the guideline below.

To proceed with this method, you are required your Xfinity remote control. Grab it and find an A button on your remote. You may go to the help menu after hitting the button.

Now, select the Restart tile and hit on Ok. It would help if you went with the Restart option again. It will take a few minutes to complete the restarting process.

  • Reset Xfinity Cable Box Via Unplug

In this method, you need to access the power cord of your device to do the restart procedure. Let’s start troubleshooting to make your system refresh.

So, it would be best to hit the power button to shut off the Xfinity cable box. Then you may detach the power cord from its power source.

Let sit it unplug for at least 10 to 14 seconds. Attach the cable cord to the socket and press the power button to turn it on. It will result in restarting your device.

  • Restart Xfinity Cable Box Via Xfinity My Account app

You may go through the steps to automatically restart your Xfinity box.

Launch Xfinity my account app on your device. No matter what type of user you are an Andriod or an iOS user. Go down and choose the TV option. Then select Troubleshoot option.

There, two options will appear. The first is the system refresh(Fix all the issues of Cables Boxes more than one) option, and the second is restart device(To restart a specific Cable Box, it will take you along with the TV box selection screen).

Now, choose one option according to your desire and then hit on the start troubleshooting on your account app. Ensure your devices stay turned on during the process.

  • Restart Xfinity Cable Box Via Device Settings

Another method to restart your device is using the Xfinity remote. Keep reading to get to know about the procedure.

So, firstly, locate the Xfinity button on the remote. You may use the arrow button to highlight Settings option. Now, go to Device Settings and hit Ok.

Select Power Preferences and hit the Ok button. Now, highlight Restart option and hit Ok. Hit the right arrow button and select Restart. Hit Ok.

If the TV appears, a Welcome note indicates the cable box started working.

Xfinity Cable Box Factory Reset Methods

xfinity cable box factory reset methods

You may try the factory reset Xfinity cable box when you try all the previous steps, and it won’t work to fix the issue.

In the restart option, you can keep your data safe, but while doing a factory reset Xfinity cable box, it will erase the previous data. Including any recorded programs, movies, or shows.

After resetting the Xfinity cable box to default settings, possibly resolve the issue related to system stubborn errors or bugs that a system restart can’t fix.

Here are different methods to follow to factory reset Xfinity cable box.

Xfinity Box Factory Reset Via Restore Default Option

Follow the instructions to reset the Xfinity cable box using your remote.

You have to do the step with a turned On cable box. So, access the power button and hold it. Now, navigate user settings by pushing the power and menu buttons simultaneously.

Hit the up and down arrow buttons at the same time to access the restore default option. Now, hit the right button and push OK. After that, the resetting process will begin automatically.

Xfinity cable TV box Factory reset Via My Account app

Follow the guideline to factory reset your cable TV boxes.

Firstly, launch your Xfinity My account app. You may access the TV option in the overview menu. Choose your cable box device for troubleshooting.

Tap on the Troubleshoot option and tap on Continue. Now go with the option System refresh to start troubleshooting.


We hope that the mentioned troubleshooting steps are enough to resolve your Comcast cable box won’t working issue.

You may try all the troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem. If you have tried all the previous methods and it won’t work to get any signal from your Xfinity cable box.

Then you may contact Comcast tech support. They will help you to fix signal reset through their system.

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