Arlo battery not charging

Arlo battery not charging. Arlo’s cameras are advanced-level cameras. They are wireless and provide superb quality visuals to the user.

You can use your phone or laptop to keep your surroundings in check with these cameras. They are small and are not easily detectable by thieves.

They work on batteries so the problems related to batteries, like in any other battery-based technology can arise.

The problem might be that the batteries might not charge. They might not be able to give you the required result because of this.

Arlo battery not charging

arlo battery not charging

The charger might not be tightly plugged in. so plug the charger back in properly. The case can be that the power cable is damaged or broken from the inside. The batteries might not be plugged as they should be.

The charger might not be compatible with the version you are using. The batteries have reached their limits. Thus, they cannot be charged.

Dead batteries can not be charged either, so it is useless to try to charge them. The black or brownout is a bummer for the camera too.


The problem can be based on several reasons. A few reasons that are mainly responsible are as follows:


It is quite a troublesome issue. Sometimes the charger you are using is incompatible with the device. The requirements of the power do not match the charger.

The voltage needed for the battery to charge is more than the voltage provided by the charger. The voltage from the charger might be too much, so the camera is resisting the charge.

Remember not to put a charge of too much voltage. Too much voltage might fry the circuits of the camera or the whole camera.

Cable issue

The micro USB cable or any other cable might be damaged or cut. So the current might come from the charger, but the power is dissipated in cables.

When no power reaches the device because of the cable, the device will not be able to charge.

It can be that the cable was not properly attached to the device. The cable might be loose from the charger. This happens if you are using a portable adapter.

The wires in the cable were not able to withstand the current, so they were rendered useless and thus unable to perform their task.



The batteries that are inserted into the camera are not placed properly.

You might have inserted them upside down. It can be that batteries are completely empty and so they are not charging.

The batteries might have died as their life has been completed.

The batteries might be dead because of using them with the wrong charger. It can be that the batteries were also incompatible with the device, like the charger.

You might have been using non-rechargeable batteries. Other reasons for this can also be found.

Unfollowed guide

There is a guide that comes with the camera. It shows the steps for the maintenance of the camera. Suppose these were not followed properly. The charging issues can arrive.


The problems listed above can be resolved by these tricks.

Cable solutions

cable solutions

If you are having an issue that the cable is damaged, you can replace the cable with another one if it is a compatibility issue with the cable.

You might need to find a proper one. If there are no such problems with the cable, always make sure that the cables were properly attached.

Plug the cables tightly so that they won’t loosen up later.

Charger replacement and fix

Check the compatibility of the charger. Make sure it matches the cable and the device.

The voltage and the current should be at a certain level for both the device and charger. If not compatible, just use some other charger.

It is better to use a company charger so that you won’t face compatibility issues. Make sure the charger is not just broken or damaged. Plugging it in properly might just solve the problem.

Batteries dealt with

The batteries are to be checked if the cable and the adapter are working properly and are compatible with the device.

The batteries should also match the device. Low-quality batteries might not be supported by your device.

Make sure the batteries aren’t upside down. If they are loose, fix them again.


Arlo battery not charging. The problems with the camera are of different types, but resolving the problems is not a big issue. Following the steps according to the problem will help you seize it and you will be able to get rid of them.

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