Window ac control panel not working

Window ac control panel not working. If your window air conditioner is not cooling the room continuously, it seems like the unit’s control panel is failed. It Indicates that the control panel is not answering the thermostat’s temperature settings.

Window ac is installed in the room to minimize the hot temperature in the room, but it becomes frustrating when the window ac panel stops working or buttons fail to work or do not work properly with each other.

The window air conditioner cooling turns off without any major cause happens with many users sometimes, so don’t worry.

Do not call a professional immediately when you feel your air conditioner’s control panel has stopped working. It would help if you tried to fix the issue by yourself. Usually, ac control panel does not work due to a faulty control board, broken fan, or power failure.

I am sure this troubleshooting guide will help you to find the main reason why your window ac panel is not working. You can fix the issue by yourself or hire a professional to look at your ac unit.

Window ac control panel not working

If you are having issues with the window ac panel, it happens due to the unit’s compressor not switching on, overheating various components, and some settings not working.

Follow these points to troubleshoot the faulty window air conditioner panel.

Restart the ac unit

restart the ac unit

Restarting the ac unit is the first option to do when you face any issue with it. Press the power switch to switch off the window ac. Unplug its power cord from the wall socket for at least five minutes.

After five minutes, plug the power cord in the socket and press the power switch to restart the air conditioner.

Check if the control panel is working or still is having issues. Move to the next point if there is no change to the unit control panel.

Power Failure

power failure

The window ac control panel prevents working due to a power failure. The control panel won’t work if the appliance is not getting the required power continuously.

Firstly, inspect your window ac to ensure its power cord is tightly contested in the wall socket. If the power cable is not tight and it has a loose connection, the control panel will not answer the unit’s remote control.

You can also check the physical damage to the power cable. In this case, you need to replace the faulty cable to switch on the ac unit.

If there is no power cord issue, open the main circuit box, usually installed in the basement or garage, and check the appliance circuit breaker.

The main purpose of the circuit breaker is to save the electrical appliance from electrical damage. It usually trips due to overload in the circuit. So, if it is tripped, then reset it back to the ON position.

Reset the window ac

Sometimes, resetting the appliance works because resetting your appliance clears system glitches that make it difficult for the manual controls to act like buttons do not respond to the commands given to them.

If you are having such a problem that the appliance is not cooling off at a properly adjusted temperature, then there are chances that a software glitch is causing the trouble. Read the manufacturer’s manual to get information about resetting your window air conditioner.

Wrong Settings

wrong settings

It’s essential to set your window ac on cool mode, but the control panel will become unresponsive if your appliance is not set on this mode.

So, that is not a mechanical error but just a wrong setting, so you can reset it by changing your control panel to cool mode.

Faulty Thermostat

faulty thermostat

A faulty thermostat is also one of the prime causes of the window ac control panel not working.

It can wear out or be damaged with the passage of time and become not responding to the commands.

So don’t assume the control panel is faulty if it is not responding, and confirm the thermostat by testing it with a multimeter.

If the multimeter does not display any sign of continuity in the thermostat, then it is faulty, and you need to replace it with a new thermostat.

Broken Fan

broken fan

 A fan is installed inside the unit, which drags in warm air from the room, passes this air over evaporator coils to remove the hot air outside the room, and then pushes the cool air inside the room.

 If the air conditioning fan is worn out or defective, it cannot circulate the air, perhaps causing your appliance to switch on, so nothing appears to be working.

So, it is suggested to you check the fan for damages and change it by hiring a skillful person.

Circuit board is faulty

circuit board is faulty

When a circuit board stops working, it can stop all components from delivering current. When the circuit board becomes defective, the control panel does not respond.

It is not a simple task to replace a defective circuit board, so always hire a highly skillful electrician to replace the faulty circuit board in the ac unit.

Faulty evaporator coils

faulty evaporator coils

The evaporator coils are the main component of the ac unit and are fixed in a unit to play a vital role in the cooling process.

These evaporator coils are clogged due to dust and mud because they emit heat from the air into the room.

This dirt on coils decreases the efficiency of the coil as well as control panel prevents working.

Another disadvantage of dirty coils is that these coils consume more energy to pull air. As a result, the monthly cooling bill increases due to extra energy consumption.

If you press the buttons on the control panel, no cool air gets out, which means the control panel is faulty.

So, unplug the cord to switch off the ac unit and clean all dust and debris from the evaporator coils so that there should be no blockage in the air circulation.

Defective thermistor

If your window air conditioner is not switching on, you may have a faulty thermistor. You can test the continuity in the thermistor with a multimeter.

Check the control board and thermistor. If there is any mark of a loose connection, then repair it.


The bottom line of the article is that if your window air conditioner control panel is malfunctioning, then you can try all the troubleshooting tips described in the article.

First, check the wall outlet and ensure that it is working correctly and that the electric current is transferring to the appliance. If it works, try to operate the unit with another remote control to reset the power settings and turn the switching the unit on and off.

In a general sense, it is very important to check for power failure, wrong thermostat setting or thermostat, and faulty fan or evaporator coils when you face issues with the control panel.

If you don’t have time to check the air conditioner, then always

hire a highly skillful and experienced person to check the ac unit.

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