Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting

Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting. The Delonghi portable air conditioners are reliable brands to survive in the hot summer and cool down room or office.

However, like other electrical appliances, it’s necessary to maintain them properly; otherwise, sometimes, the device goes wrong and starts malfunctioning.

Besides its reliability and different high-quality issues include failing to blow cold breeze, producing a bad smell, and sometimes it begins to shut off can occur to the Delonghi portable air conditioner.

Nowadays, it’s not difficult to find out any issue with air conditioners because error codes appear on the display screen to indicate which part is damaged.

I am sure this troubleshooting blog post will help you to clear most of the minor problems with portable air conditioners.

But suppose there is a mechanical error and time to replace the faulty part. In that case, I suggest you hire a skillful electrician because replacing the faulty component can increase further damage if you are not skillful.

Delonghi portable air conditioner troubleshooting

Delonghi portable air conditioner is good to have in the room to decrease the hot temperature. Still, if your air conditioner is blowing hot air, and is not cooling the room as it normally does, then its main reason is the dirty air filter.

If your air conditioner has a dirty filter, it will not blow cold air because it stops air circulation in the unit. So keep removing dust from ac filters, condenser coils, and all other components.

Let’s read all the possible air conditioner troubleshooting tips.

Power cycle

power cycle

If you see any error code appearing on the air conditioner, then before you try to fix that error code or call some professional, your first action should be to give a power cycle to the unit.

‍The power cycle does not mean just restarting the unit, but it actually means switching off the unit and unplugging it from the wall outlet for five minutes.

Sometimes, error codes appear due to electrical glitches, and it is removed after switching off the unit for five minutes.

Plug in the ac unit in the socket and switch on it to check whether the issue or error code is removed.

If the error code is removed and the ac unit is working well now, then your issue is solved but if still, the problem is there, then consider the following points.

Check the Error Code

Modern air conditioners have a display screen to indicate an error code when something goes wrong with the ac unit.

So, inspect the ac display screen to find the error code. Each error code has its own meaning, and it indicates the damage to the specific part.

You can get further assistance from the user manual because the manufacturer describes all the details of issues and possible troubleshooting tips for the user.

Air conditioner not switching on

air conditioner not switching on

If your portable air conditioner is not turning on after several attempts, then, first of all, check the electric current.

It may look awkward to you, but still, you can check the electricity in the other parts of the home.

If all the other lights are turned on and the air conditioner is not switching on, then the electric current is not accessing the unit.

First of all, ensure the air conditioner is plugged into a wall socket tightly because sometimes a loose connection can make this issue.

Always try to use a heavy-duty outdoor fashion and high-quality extension wire. Inspect the sign of damage on the power cord; if it burnt out or twisted, then replace it with a new power cable to turn the air conditioner.

Make sure to decrease the load in the circuit by switching off other appliances when you switch on the ac unit.

Check the circuit breaker and fuse box if the unit is not turned on. If you check that the circuit breaker is tripped due to overload in the circuit, reset its position.

Ac unit keeps shutting off

ac unit keeps shutting off

It is a very serious issue to face because the ac unit keeps shutting off automatically. It becomes a very frustrating problem because it increases the room temperature in the room.

The ac unit begins to shut off automatically due to many reasons. First, check the temperature settings on the unit because the faulty temperature settings stop the compressor. Inspect ac temperature settings and make sure the room temperature is hot as compared to the ac unit.

The second possible cause of the unit turning off automatically is the exhaust pipe detached from the unit, or the pipe is twisted or kinked due to a solid object falling on it.

Switch off the unit and check the exhaust pipe connection. If it is not attached to the ac unit properly, then refix it and ensure to tighten it.

If the pipe is not disconnected but is twisted from any place, then change its position with your hands so that the airflow starts without any stoppage.

A clogged air filter also causes the appliance to shut off, so if you feel the room temperature is increasing and cooling is decreasing, then unplug the unit and check the air filter.

If you see it dirty with dust and debris, clean it properly to keep the airflow smooth.

Hopefully, the device will work efficiently, but if all these options do not work and still the appliance is turning off randomly. It’s time to consult a professional to check the ac unit with an expert eye.

Ac unit is blowing warm air

The basic purpose of the air conditioner is to get cool air in the hot weather but it becomes difficult to face your air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air,

If this issue happens to the appliance, the room does not cool down enough and is not cooling sufficiently; following are some possible causes of this issue you can troubleshoot one by one.

It’s necessary to check all the doors, curtains, and windows are closed before you turn on the air conditioner to cool down the room.

If your appliance isn’t cooling the room, then overlook all the windows to stop the sunshine from coming into the room directly.

If all the doors and windows are shut but still the room is warm, then check if the other electrical appliances, like a hair dryer or microwave oven, etc., are switched on accidentally. If you find any of these, please turn them off to cool down the room.

On some occasions, the room does not cool down due to a dirty filter. The air filter ensures the circulation of cold air in the unit, so if it becomes dirty due to dust, mold, and debris, then the filter demands cleaning.

It’s up to you whether you want to clean the dirty air filter by yourself to save a few dollars; if not, then you can take professional help to clean the dirty air filter properly.

Bad smell

bad smell

It’s very important to maintain your air conditioner because if you do not maintain its cleanliness from the outside and inside, bad smells start coming from your air conditioner, indicating various basic issues with your ac unit.

If a  damp odor smell comes, then it shows mold built up in the exhaust hose or drain pipe.

In this situation, immediately switching off the air conditioner and cleaning the mols and debris from drain exhaust hoses will quickly fix the problem.

Suppose the smoke or burning smell comes from external components.

In that case, it means a refrigerant leak or burning components, so immediately turn off your air conditioner and hire a skillful professional to check the appliance and replace the faulty component.


The bottom line of the article is Delonghi air conditioner is a reliable and durable brand, but it demands proper care and maintenance regularly.

Keep cleaning the dust and mold from all components every their moths to keep it working properly. I am hopeful this post has solved your issue.

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