Cleaning air conditioner coils with vinegar

Cleaning air conditioner coils with vinegar. Is cleaning Cleaning AC with vinegar a good idea? Find out here:

When we talk about air-conditioners we must keep in mind their cleanliness too. It runs best when it is clean i.e. the fins are clean, and its coil.

That is why it is essential for everyone who owns an air conditioner to maintain and clean it regularly.

Cleaning air conditioner coils with vinegar

Most ACs appear clean from the outside but there is a possibility that there might be some sort of harmful bacteria growing on the inside of them which could be harmful to both the person and the system itself. This damage inflicts on the performance of your ac.

But to our surprise, as all problems have solutions this one has a solution to one that is in everyone’s approach and can be accessed from anywhere and used anywhere too. Try cleaning AC with vinegar.

Vinegar to your drain linevinegar to your drain line

This simple process can be done through the addition of some vinegar to your drain line.

Now the question arises what a drain line is? A drain line is a PVC pipe extended out of the air-conditioner.

The purpose of this pipe is to drain out the water that is condensed during the air conditioning process. It is of utmost importance that a drain should be clean.

A clean drain is important because if it clogs there’s a high chance of bacteria growing inside the coils of the air-conditioner.

When the drain line gets clogged the water reverses this water, then causes leaking in your air conditioner. That’s why regularly cleaning AC with vinegar is so important.

What vinegar does do in a drain line and how to use it?

The important question is what vinegar does in a drain line and how to use it. All it requires is ¼ cup of vinegar.

First, it is important to locate your drain line, it is on the back of the air conditioner and most houses have it in the attic or the basement, or anywhere that points out once you’ve found the drain line.

Then find the cap that is used to put on your drain line and pour that ¼ cup of vinegar into it if the vinegar pours out this means the drain has already clogged which is why you’d require a professional to help you clean your ac and its drain.

If the liquid pours into it, it means the drain is clear and the vinegar would draw out any excess bacteria protecting your coils. Repeat this procedure once every month to ensure the health of your AC.

Ac cover

Clean your coils if they are contaminated by dirt. We will take a spray bottle, and pour half water and half vinegar into it.

Then remove the ac cover to expose the coil and spray the mixture on the coils, let it sit for a few minutes, and then clean it.

If all the dirt comes off it means you don’t need more cleaning if it does not repeat the process unless it’s clean.

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