Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing

Whirlpool washer stuck on sensing. Whirlpool manufactures home, kitchen, and laundry appliances. It is one of the most reliable appliances companies. Its washing gadget works hand to hand with housewives besides other electronic devices that are used in homes.

The machine company uses high technology in their devices, so that people may use them without any hesitation.

Whirlpool washer stuck on sensingwhy whirlpool washer stuck on sensing

This striking affects its overall performance. If you have seen this instant failure of your machine then you need to pay heed to your machine’s working stages to get to know where it has struck and what the areas you have to put effort on are or what are areas that need your attention as a user.

(Causes and Solutions)

1. Electricity failureelectricity failure

This may happen when we set the timer and leave the place thinking that the machine would be working properly and do not even think of a sudden electricity failure.

3. Cable breakage/ burning

The second reason could be the severe burning of your whirlpool washer wire or its breakage. Take care while getting the switch in the circuit.

4. Timer

The third of your reasons could be the timer failure. The timer has a motor and a gear with other contacts. These contacts can be burnt in the open position or you might are with a defective timer motor.

5. Rinse cycle filter or Drain blockagerinse cycle filter or drain blockage

One of the most important reasons could be the rinse cycle filter failure. This blockage is very dangerous for your washing machine.

This might strike with cotton swabs, socks, small napkins, etc.

Sometimes when we wash clothes little pieces of clothes go into the drain pipe and cause failure in the water draining.

It is dangerous in the sense that you don’t get to know why your washer is not working as it seems everything is all right with the washer apparently.

Possible solutions

  1. First of all, you should use the machines according to the user manual instructions to lessen the chances of any kind of disturbance.
  2. Look to if your Whirlpool washer getting proper electricity. If you feel any disturbance in it, fix it
  3. Moreover, before plugging in see if your washer wire is perfectly all right and does not have any warmth of burning or any sign of breakage.
  4. If you find sensing failure resetting your machine can remove the existing sensing failure. You can reset it following the user’s manual instructions.
  5. If this resetting does not work go for the Cabrio rest procedure. You can do a Cabrio reset by setting the dial to normal. Turn the dial left until a click is heard.
  6. Then right for three clicks and after that dial the left for click one more time. Now press start and rotate the dial till the lights turn on. Turn it off and unplug it and then switch it on. That’s it.
  7. You may open the three screws of the electric water pump if you see anything stuck there fetch it out and see if your machine is working.


The above discussion shows that the reasons for the Whirlpool washer being stuck on sensing are diagnosable easily and should be get resolved at the possible earliest time. This will not only be good for the machine as well as for the machine user.

In this way, the quality will also not be left backward. By diagnosing and resolving the related issues with sensing of whirlpool washer.

Washer stuck on sensing!! Actuator replacement easy video fix

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