Whirlpool washer not spinning

Whirlpool washer not spinning. No matter, how much you take care of or follow the precautions, electronics are made to create problems.

It is not a very big deal because you can get them fixed but stopping during work when you have other plans also can annoy you very much.

This might seem a similar situation to you as we know you are looking for information on whirlpool washers not spinning or agitating.

Well, there can be multiple reasons for this problem and we are here with a solution to every reason.

You just have to relax and focus all your attention on our guide because we are about to reveal some helpful tips and tricks that will prove to be very beneficial for you in terms of whirlpool washers not spinning or draining.

Let’s dive into the depths to find out more.

Whirlpool washer not spinningwhirlpool washer not spinning clothes dry

The whirlpool washer comes with a complete guide book but if you did not get what you were looking for then we listed all the methods in a step-by-step procedure so you can conveniently work on the problem to solve it.

Here are some of the procedures listed with complete details.

Lid switchwhirlpool washer not spinning properly

The first reason for the not spinning properly can be the lid switch. The current not passing through the lid switch might be causing the spinning problem.

To check the lid switch, follow the steps below:

  • Unplug the switch of the washer from the socket.
  • Open the panel by taking out the screws.
  • Remove the lid switch from the washer.
  • Check the lid switch in the ohmmeter.
  • If it shows continuity, the lid switch is working.
  • If it does not show continuity, the lid switch needs to be replaced.

Motor coupling or clutchmotor coupling or clutch

The third reason your Whirlpool washer is not properly spinning is the broken motor coupling or clutch. The washer can break the motor coupling which might result in no spinning.

A damaged clutch can also stop the spinning of the washer. You will have to change the motor coupling or clutch to spin the washer again.

You can call the customer support of whirlpool to guide you on the replacement.

Other problems

We listed some common problems that might not need an expert. You just have to check the settings to adjust them such as:

  • Timer
  • Transmission
  • Water level control
  • Washer mode


We hope you must also have enjoyed the guide and must have solved your problem till now.

The spinning problem might seem a bit difficult and a concerning problem but it is not what you think. You might have also learned from this guide that how easily you can solve the problem of whirlpool washers not spinning fast.

All you have to do is identify the cause and follow the procedure we listed above according to your needs to get back to work again. Let us summarize all the factors and crucial details.

We learned so far so it will be easy for you to know what you are required to do in such a situation.

The problems we identified for the Whirlpool washer, not spinning include the Lid switch, clutch, motor coupling, and some other minor reasons.

We also learned how to solve these problems at length.

Whirlpool washer not spinning

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