Best Portable air conditioner without hose

Best Portable air conditioner without hose. Perfect portable air condition makes the environment cool and comfortable. This air-conditioned has great benefit after shutoff it keeps the room cool for almost two to three hours.

In innovative technology, most of the air conditioner contains less electricity as compared to the window air conditioner. Portable AC is easy to install almost all the brands are trusted.

When you want to save your money for a long time, invest it in purchasing portable air condition. Portable air condition use in both seasons you can enjoy the hot air in winter and cool in summer. After taking reviews we try to list the top best portable air-condition without hose.

8 Best Portable air conditioner without hose

1. SereneLife SLPAC8 Best portable air conditioner 2021

Serene life portable air condition weight is 53.02 lbs. It’s easy and quick install available with window mount kit with remote control, not batterie should be included with portable air conditioner without hose

This system is light in weight easy to catch perfect sleek body design mostly used in the bedroom, living room, and offices. Features of the wheel that are easy to roll and move in any direction.

This AC has three operating modes cooling, dehumidifier, and fan. It’s automatically active after power on.

It has the quality to help in cooling also reduce the humidity level. When you select dehumidifier mode absorb the dust particles makes your home clean safe from allergens.

A great feature is the digital touch button control panel which includes the power mode timer temperature fan and speed settings. You can easily select the units either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Help to reduce the humidity level
  • The perfect sleek body design
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Perfect for both summer and winter
  • Best portable air conditioner 2021


  • The dry mode does not work

2. SereneLife SLPAC105W Compact

This is a great feature to control the system when you are sitting far from the AC with a remote portable air conditioner without window access

At the time of running its create low noise and give you comfortable cooling. The installation kit allows air-conditioning that hooks up your portable air conditioner to cool your home despite the unconventional setup.

The second name of dehumidifier is moisture removal its pulls warm air from the room sends it past the coil cooled by the refrigerant. You can easily install the control of air-conditioning in your cell phone. Check Price on eBay.


  • Four modes air conditioning system
  • Wind vent is for maximum air circulation
  • Great comfortability and low noise
  • Install the controlling system on your phone


  • Not light in weight

3. Black + Decker Best Portable air conditioner without hose

Black Decker is a popular brand that contains 8000 BTU DOE compact air conditioner always keep you cool and comfortable. This is the best way too far from summer.portable air conditioner without water

You can easily adjust the fan to a temperature of 65 degrees. Its floor-standing portable AC unit provides steady effective cooling for rooms up to 350 square.

This is suitable for dorms apartment cabins camper office bedrooms and living rooms. Easy and quick installation process available with wheel drag and reach it at any room.

Remote control available with it are simple and top-mounted LED displays with 24 hours timer that also control the air temperature. Check Price on Walmart.


  • LED displays air conditioner
  • Easily adjust fan on a specific temperature
  • Its have three energy-efficient function
  • Backless self evaporating system


  • It is a little loud portable air condition

4. MIDEA MAP08R1CWT 3-in-1 Portable

Share rating of this portable AC is 8000 BTU it delivers fast and effective cooling for space up to 150 square feet. Fans and dehumidifier functions are available with it.self evaporating portable air conditioner

Suitable for all places give you the perfect and comfortable environment all the time. You can easily understand its digital control system with easy-to-read LED with simple remote control.

The cool temperature range is between 62-90 degrees. The height of this portable air conditioner is 5ft you can easily adjust it in a window bracket. Best Portable air conditioner without hose.

There is no extra tool are using for assembly no difficulties installing anyone done it. This portable air conditioner has the quality to clean the filter every week and remove the dust also pet hairs.

Midea is called the world’s widest air-condition product best in work and quality air conditioner no outside access. Check Price on eBay.


  • Perfect cool temperature range
  • World widest portable air condition
  • Simple remote and easy LED system
  • Perfect and comfortable environment


  • Little expensive air condition

5. Rollibot Portable air conditioner without window access

Rollibot portable air condition delivers proper comfort its control with three ways mounted digital display compatible app and library for Alexa skill for voice control.rollibot rollicool portable air conditioner

BTU rating is 14000 this is the reliable cooling of its dehumidify space up to 375 sq. It’s suitable for large size bedrooms, living rooms, apartments, and family rooms.

When the humidity is high, this product can help excess water from the air up to 70 liters per day. Air circulation of fan mode is 100H to 20s.

This portable AC has a top-mounted digital display user-friendly app with a voice command. Streamlined design and light in weight with four easy glides.

World-class service and support safe the environment from releasing dangerous gas. The filter is available for catching dust and allergens but it’s easy to clean. Portable air conditioner without window access.


  • Digital display user friendly
  • Streamlined design air condition
  • lightweight and supportive
  • The filter is easy to clean


  • May be some technical problem

6. De’Longhi Pinguino Air conditioner no window

De’Longhi Pinguino Deluxe is a super quiet product during cooling you are not listening to any noise. This powerful machine perfectly maintains the temperature great choice for the room size 700 square'longhi pinguino deluxe 3 in 1 portable

Less energy consumption as compared to the other portable air condition. It has the function to adjust the auto temperature cooling power depends on the humidity level.

Work efficiency is also a trustworthy quality product. Innovative technology you feel comfortable when investing money in it. Suitable for both seasons either it’s hot or cold.

It’s has a smart sensing remote also you can monitor or measure the temperature of your surroundings. Best portable air conditioner without window access.

This air conditioner has quality first cool the air then it dries it based on your preference. Air conditioner no window.


  • Trustworthy quality product
  • Innovative technology and durable
  • Noise-free portable air condition
  • Suitable for both season


  • Its little heavy air condition

7. NewAir AC-10100E, Self evaporating portable air conditioner

Innovative sleek and compact design portable air-condition get cool the room fast. It’s It has the capability to cool a room which size is 325 square feet. Lightweight AC you can easily move anywhere you outside access

Its have self evaporating technology eliminates condensation collection help to improve cooling efficiency. The window kit is also available with this for easy installation.

Remote control help to fix the timer 12 hours limit that comes with sleeping mode. This AC offers 10000 BTUs of cooling power not affect the environment use is noise-free.

Two-fans speed and adjustable louvers give you multiple cooling options. Energy-efficient products with an efficiency booster also have the highest safety certification. Self evaporating portable air conditioner.


  • Not affect the environment
  • Energy-efficient air condition
  • Window kit available for installation
  • Self evaporating technology


  • Its little heavy air condition

Buying Guide (Best Portable air conditioner without hose)

Portable air condition is a supplemental need of your home and office. Portable air condition is a small way of cooling a specific area.

Its do not require permanent installation you can easily move from anywhere your want. There are many qualities available in the market some have a manual system and most of operating by remote control.

Portable AC differs from brand maximum cooling area venting configuration, energy efficiency and the special features are multiple operating modes, remote control operation, programmable timers, and specialized air filter.

We try to list the products that are suitable for all. There is a different factor keeps in mind at the time of purchasing.


Two levels of portable air condition that DOE standard and standard. It is just the difference between BTU (British thermal unit). DOE standard means the portable air condition contains heavy BTU but the standard level contains normal BTU.

The standard portable air conditioner is suitable for all kinds of home apartments. It’s should be a cool the limited area of your home with less electricity consumption.

Remote Control

This is one of the important factors as the operating system of air condition is dependent on it. When you move the AC where you need help you operate it over there. All controlling system fan, cooling, drying, dehumidifying, high, low mode buttons are available on the AC remote control.

Filter Maintenance

Portable are AC filters are filled with dust and allergens and must need to clean after a week. Before purchasing check AC filters are easily remove clean and dry or not.

Good quality portable AC filters are easily removed and clean. In this way, you can easily save the environment from bad odors and gases.


Can a portable air conditioner work without the hose?

It is safe and not very efficient. AC may remove moisture but it is completely cooled by outgoing air, resulting in the hot damp air. This harms the AC unit itself and also causes problems to those in the room like migraine headaches, stuffiness, and even skin rashes.

The better way to prevent such ailments is by using Dehumidifiers (that don’t require an exhaust hose) as they reduce the amount of humidity that would otherwise be a problem for both you and your air conditioning system.

These Dehumidifiers are made to remove unwanted moisture – especially from bathrooms where there could be problems with excess condensation in some areas of your home or apartment. They do this safely so it leaves you worry-free.

Do portable air conditioners work without a window?

It is not possible to use a portable air conditioner without a vent. You can turn it on and it will run as would usually, but it does not lower the temperature of your room. There are several ways of how to vent a portable AC unit even when you put it in a windowless space.

How to install portable air conditioner in push out window?

When installing an AC in a Casement Window, it is referred to as a Push Out Window. Make sure you are caring for any type of sounds that your system will make because if an ac compressor makes too much noise, you may need to add insulation into the door.

When you hear from casement window air conditioner repair professionals they may say that it’s running fine, but after you run some tests.

There are many best ways to maintain a casement window air conditioner using foam or plastic materials or filling its corners with new polyurethane foam which is one of the best ways according to casement window AC repair experts.

Do portable air conditioners need to be recharged?

Evaporative Air Coolers do not require any filling or draining of water. You can leave them on for days without needing to top-up their supply.

Powered by a motor, they’re able to pull moisture out of the air and turn it into droplets that cool the area as they fall. A standard portable air cooler for comparison requires no filling but does need its drainage ports cleared from time to time.

How to fix a portable air conditioner?

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