Whirlpool duet washer error codes f20

Whirlpool duet washer error codes f20. Whirlpool is the perfect and efficient family washer. Its have great features and innovative cleaning technology. You do not need to wash your clothes from laundry help to less your expenses. There are different kinds of faults in parts of the machine. You can easily repair many kinds of troubleshooting at the home.

Whirlpool duet washer error codes f20

Whirlpool washer has codes by using this you should operate the machine easily. Sometimes these codes are created different kinds of problems. The most common error is displaying error f20 its is also called the fh error. It’s mean that your washer has a water supply issue. Now we discuss the error code f20 signs and its solutions.

Reasons Whirlpool Duet Washer Error Codes F20

When you see the error f20 try to remove press pause/cancel 2 times, these buttons are shown on the display panel. If the error is not clear apply another technique.

  • Check hot and cold water valves turn on
  • The issue is the water inlet valve filter screen
  • Procedure of press pause/cancel
  • Check valve place inside
  • The problem of water pressure

Check hot and cold water valves turn on

Two valves are placed in the whirlpool washer you should check that both valves are open and work properly. It creates difficulties when one valve is connected, but the other is not and it is also the reason for the f20 error. Both valves are perfectly working and operate the whirlpool washer properly.

Both these valves are managed and optimize the hot and cold water in the washer. If both these valves are work, perfectly check there is another reason for the f20 error in the washer. Maybe the valve is bent or maybe both are clogged and need to be clean properly.

The issue is the water inlet valve filter screen

When you want to do the procedure. First, you turn off the water passing from the valves. Now the second point is you should remove these valves from the back of the whirlpool washer. Then you should see the display screen if the valves are clogged clean it and then reattach the back of the whirlpool washer. Now the step is done turn on the water and checks there is any leakage or done the work perfectly.

Procedure of press pause/cancel

This procedure is very easy to do you should disconnect the whirlpool washer from power for two minutes. After these two minutes, you should reconnect the power to the washer. Now you can select the wash cycle and press the start button.


If you can start the machine the first time after removing it from power. It may be not working properly. You should wait almost 8 to 10 minutes while your washer drain. When you start it immediately causes more destruction in f20 error code and need for pluming.

Check valve place inside

Check the valve which is placed inside of the washer. This valve is close to the water pressure if the water pressure is above 2 gallons per 60 seconds then shut off the water to the washer. This sometimes creates leakage and reason for f20 error.

The problem of water pressure

The normal-pressure of water in this washer is 11psi. If the water pressure is in this washer is low not work properly and the reason for f20 error code. You need to call to professional for water setting in Whirlpool washer.

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