What does ub mean on samsung washer

What does ub mean on samsung washer. If your Samsung washer has a UB error code, it means your washer requires balance. Whenever the washer shows an error, it stops it from running to prevent damage.

Same as that, when the washer a code appears, the unit may stop working, and appears the error code. So, to rerun the cycle, you need to address the issue first.

Different reasons may create the issue of UB error code. In this post, we will learn about the reasons for the issue and the fixing methods to eliminate the UB error.

What does ub mean on samsung washer

The issue occurs when there is a question about balancing. So you can fix the issue by resolving the imbalance issue. There might be a burnt element that you may replace for fixing.

Sometimes, there is not a burnt element that you may blame for the UB error. But the control module requires restarting to erase its error.

As a precautionary safety measure, the washer stops working when the error appears. If it will not, the issue may turn bigger, likely worn-out hoses, and may get uncontrollable.

So, to prevent any disaster, when the auto diagnosis system notices anything trouble, it transmits alarming signals to the control module to prevent the unit from working.

Possible Reason For UB Error Code

Possible Reason For UB Error Code

If your Samsung washer displays a UB error code due to imbalance, you may go through the inspection procedure for the item arrangement inserted in the washer.

You may also check the number of items. Make certain not a few or not too many items are there. Balance the washer by adding or eliminating items from the washing machine.

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There is a lack of consolidation while placing the washer due to a rough or bend surface. Leveling the washer would be best and will be affected.

After resolving the previous issues by rearranging items, inserting items according to the capacity, and leveling the washer, you may examine whether the issue is fixed by turning On the Samsung washer.

Further Inspection Of Components

If the issue is not fixed, then you may try power recycling to eliminate the error. Unplug the cable and plug it back in after a few minutes.

If the issue is still there, you may consider examining the components you should blame for creating the imbalance.

Bearings & Crosspiece

You may access the bearings as it is placed at the holding point of the drum at the inner side of the cross piece. When they get faulty, they create an issue in the washer.

If a bearing gets damaged, it may cause the washer to wobble more than regularly. You may fix the issue by installing new bearings.

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To access the bearing, you must detach the drum attached to the motor. Depending on the model number, accessing the bearings may become more challenging.

Weary Drive Belt

Weary Drive Belt

A drive belt works as an armband of the motor that enables the washer’s drum to spin efficiently. With time the drive belt may get weary and lose its ability to spin the washer.

As a result, a damaged drive belt becomes the culprit of the UB error code appearing on your Samsung washer. It would help if you replaced the drive belt to resolve the issue.

You need to cut down the power, detach the washer’s rare panel, and cover it. Inspect the physical damage on the belt and decide whether it requires replacement.

Inspect the Other Components

Here are a few further components that need to inspect, as they are also essential to maintain the balance of the washer.

  • Shock absorber
  • Suspension Spring
  • Dampen Strap

If one of them gets damaged or starts malfunctioning, fluctuation may occur gradually, and the washer may stop running with the UB error code appearing.

You may access the components and inspect them; if faulty, replace them as they are beyond repair.

After examining these components and replacing the damaged ones, test your Samsung washer to see if it’s fortunately fixed. Otherwise, you may keep troubleshooting the UB error code.

Unserviceable Tachometer

The tachometer is in charge of monitoring the drum speed. For maintaining the balance drum speed, it is crucial to work efficiently for the tachometer.

The UB error will indeed display on your Samsung washer if faulty. Access the component, inspect it, and make a replacement in case of damage.

Malfunctioned Motor

Malfunctioned Motor

Your Samsung washing machine contains carbon brushes. If they get weary, it must be impossible to tackle with the machine spinning. If the brushes get faulty, you may also hear the motor’s sizzling noise.

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Another sign of burnt or faulty brushes is you may suspect a burning stink inside your washer. You must replace the carbon brushes with new ones to resolve the UB error code on your Samsung washer.

  • TIP: U6, UE, 1 Ub, & 1U6 Error Codes

Here are some other error codes that may appear on your Samsung washer. It appears for the same issue of balancing or loading. These codes appear when the exact cause occurs in your washer, as it appears for the UB error code. So, you may use the exact solutions to fix the issue and eliminate the error.

Unsound Control Module

If you checked out the last items and the UB error code still appears, you may diagnose your washer’s control module. The elements on the control module may be burnt, causing the issue.

When a control module gets unsound, it may cause the issue of detecting wrong messages and displaying UB code. You may repair the module to fix the error.

So to resolve the issue, you need to access the control module and inspect its burning tracks. You may do some soldering to refresh the paths. Clean the module and test your Samsung washer.

Bottom Line

The following post can sort out your confusion about displaying the UB error code in the Samsung washer. You may cope with your Samsung washer by knowing the reasons.

While repairing your washer’s components, ensure that you accurately fix the faulty component. You may also consider contacting an expert.

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